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Eric Bischoff reveals how Vince McMahon tried to create unrest in WCW during the Monday Night Wars 

Vince McMahon sent letters to Ted Turner
Vince McMahon sent letters to Ted Turner
Pratyay Ghosh
Modified 12 Sep 2020, 20:08 IST

Former WWE SmackDown and WCW executive Eric Bischoff recently spoke about the Monday Night Wars on the latest episode of his podcast 83 Weeks. Bischoff spoke about how Vince McMahon used to write to Ted Turner during the Monday Night Wars to try and create "unrest" within WCW. Bischoff said that McMahon would write about things like blood in WCW matches before WWE did the same thing weeks later:

Whenever a letter would come to Ted, Bill Shaw would call me and have me come to his office and read it to me, show it to me, and laugh about it or ask about it. Vince was petitioning a lot for Ted. He was trying to embarrass Ted, trying to create some anxiety with the shareholders of Turner Broadcasting. Vince was trying to create some unrest and anxiety by being very, very critical about WCW.
Whenever you'd see blood in WCW, Vince would write these letters from the king's court to Ted criticizing him, and WCW, and the health and welfare of the talent by saying it's gross, it's crap, and all this. And then he'd turn around and do the same thing a month later. None of us took any of those letters very seriously, and it was pretty obvious what Vince was trying to do. We all just chuckled about it. H/T: WrestlingINC

Eric Bischoff recalls how Ted Turner called him after the ratings came in

Eric Bischoff opened up more about his relationship with Ted Turner. Bischff recalled how Ted Turner called him all excited when the ratings came in on Tuesday:

Ted was a very animated, down to earth leader. When Ted would call, he would call for a long time on Tuesday when the ratings came out. But when I talked to Ted on the phone, it was like talking to somebody that I had known for 20-30 years. When he would call on Tuesdays, he was like a little kid. He was more excited than I was and I was pretty damn excited; I was on cloud nine. H/T: WrestlingINC

Eric Bischoff went on to say that if Ted Turner called him even today to come and work for him, he would agree in a heartbeat.

You can listen to Eric Bischoff's podcast 83 Weeks HERE.

Published 12 Sep 2020, 20:08 IST
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