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Eric Bischoff says Dusty Rhodes was not a storyteller

Eric Bischoff does not believe Dusty Rhodes was a storyteller
Eric Bischoff does not believe Dusty Rhodes was a storyteller
Nithin Joseph
Modified 10 Nov 2020, 01:55 IST

On the latest episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff called into question the storytelling ability of WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.

Eric Bischoff, who himself was one of the most talented writers in wrestling, felt that Rhodes did not have the ability to come up with engaging stories.

Eric Bischoff felt that Dusty Rhodes' wrestling background, where weekly territories dominated the scene, prevented him from being a long-term strategic storyteller. He simply believed in having big matches and having something that led over to the next week.

"I don’t think Dusty was the storyteller, long term strategic storyteller, that he probably would have liked to have been. Dusty thought in terms of the next big event, the next big headline. Perhaps, and this is just a perhaps, it is because Dusty came up in a part of the country where weekly territories dominated the scene. You would have your big match. You would have the finish or have something happen that led you to next Saturday.
"Where as PPV was more of a monthly territory. It was TV, TV, TV, TV, PPV. As a result of that kind of weekly education and that base of experience, and as a performer and having so much success in weekly territories around the Southeast in particular, and in Texas, the idea of elongated storylines that lasted months was not something that came naturally to Dusty." H/t

Eric Bischoff claims that Dusty Rhodes could always identify the next big hit

Despite believing that Dusty Rhodes lacked storytelling ability, Eric Bischoff praised Rhodes for his ability to identify the next big event or the next big hit. Be it what would be the next match, or which match would pull in the biggest crowd.

"What did come naturally to Dusty was his vision for big events as opposed to strong stories. Not that Dusty didn’t come up with some strong stories. He did. But the majority of Dusty’s creative thought process was probably dedicated to what is the next big huge hit we can conjure up and create. But if you don’t have great stories that people were invested in going into it, it’s just an event." H/t

Dusty Rhodes always had an eye for talent and big events. His work in NXT with Triple H is enough to show just how much of a genius he was, and so was his analysis of top WWE Superstars.


Despite not being a natural storyteller, Dusty Rhodes was a legend of the professional wrestling business and Eric Bischoff acknowledges that with his high praise for Rhodes' big-event vision. The wrestling world will never have another Dusty Rhodes.

Published 10 Nov 2020, 01:55 IST
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