"Was miserable" - Eric Bischoff says WWE legend was his least favorite to work with

Eric Bischoff feels that WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg became tough to deal with after signing an agent
Eric Bischoff feels that WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg became tough to deal with after signing an agent
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WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff stated that he had a hard time working with Goldberg.

The two legends played an integral part in WCW's rise during the Monday Night Wars and helped propel professional wrestling towards a boom period in the '90s. Bischoff was the president of the company, while Goldberg was one of its top stars during its peak.

Eric Bischoff, on his After 83 Weeks show, was asked by a fan to name his favorite and least favorite wrestler to work with. The Hall of Famer stated that it was tough to work with Goldberg during their stint in WCW after the former NFL star got agents and attorneys to represent him:

"On a business level, Bill Goldberg," said Bischoff. "It wasn't that way in the beginning, I loved working with him in the beginning. But, once he got a hold of Henry Holmes or Henry Holmes got a hold of him, and Barry Bloom, that was miserable. That was miserable - and there was no fun part to it."

Bischoff then drew a parallel to his relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash by noting that they handled business differently together.

"It's not like, Kevin Nash, when he and I would go head-to-head, it was messy, we'd have a beer and we'd get over it. We came to a good place. I loved that process. But there are certain times when you get into that same type of situation when it's nothing but blood and knucles and guts and teeth and sh*t, and nothing good comes out of it. It's not a two-way street." [From 51:20 to 51:59]

Why WWE legend Goldberg was tough to work with

Throwback to Goldberg's WCW debut.Who knew his star rise so ffast and go so far?

Bischoff explained in detail why Goldberg was a difficult person to work with in WCW. The WWE Hall of Famer feels that the former Universal Champion's intense personality may have caused him to be difficult to handle:

"You take someone who is an intense personality, a very intense personality, a bit of a perfectionist, who puts a lot of pressure on himself," he continued. "But, also, lacking a lot of the comfort that comes with experience. You get a guy that's a little hard to handle."

That being said, Bischoff also stated that Goldberg being the way that he was wasn't a bad thing as it was just his personality.

Though the going may have been rough at certain points, the duo created magic together, even if it was for a brief time.

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