"Everything is more thought out" - Wrestling legend praises Triple H for major WWE storyline (Exclusive)

Triple H has brought about many changes since coming to power.
Triple H has brought about many changes since coming to power.

Dutch Mantell recently lavished praise on WWE head honcho Triple H for his slow-burn approach to progressing The Bloodline's storyline.

Ever since HHH assumed power in WWE last year, fans have witnessed several changes in how the promotion approaches stories. Unlike before, when matches were seemingly thrown together at the last moment, things are now well-planned in advance with a logical end in sight. One of the most prominent examples of this is The Bloodline's story, which has resonated with the promotion's massive fanbase.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Dutch Mantell stated that a lot of changes have been visible in WWE's programming since Triple H came to power.

He mentioned that the storylines were much more deliberate and well thought-out now. Mantell also criticized Vince McMahon's approach, saying he just wanted to get through everything because WWE was minting big money regardless.

"Since Triple H has taken over, you could see a big, big change. Everything is more deliberate; everything is more thought out. I think Vince just kind of threw it together just to get through it because he has done that thousands and thousands and thousands of times, and it's not like they are dying of lack of money. They are earning big. They are printing money, anyway. But HHH is a welcome addition to that creative team," said Dutch Mantell (15:30 - 16:02)

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A recent Triple H decision has reportedly made many WWE wrestlers unhappy

Though several reports indicated the backstage atmosphere was more positive and upbeat since Triple H became WWE's Chief Content Officer, a recent decision might have made some unhappy. As per rumors, The Game's insistence on having a smaller WrestleMania 39 card, which could result in many roster members not making it to the show, has upset many talents.

Report: The planned WrestleMania 39 card has left wrestlers unhappy within WWETriple H wants the card for WrestleMania 39 to be smaller than in past years which means a lot of talents will be missing from the Showcase of the Immortals. A battle royal is not planned for……

Though another report denied this claim, it's safe to say not getting to work on the biggest show of the year is bound to disappoint performers. That said, the event is shaping up to be a memorable one, with many big-ticket matches already being confirmed.

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