WWE Superstars are not unhappy with Triple H's plans for WrestleMania 39 - Reports

WrestleMania 39 is just around the corner!
WrestleMania 39 is just around the corner!

Triple H serves as WWE's Chief Content Officer and will have his hands full over the next month on the Road to WrestleMania. The Game has two nights of action to fill at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Recently, it was reported by Wrestling News Premium that some WWE Superstars were upset with the plans for WrestleMania 39. Triple H reportedly wanted smaller cards for Night One and Night Two and wasn't planning on scheduling a Battle Royal this year. Fightful noted that many talents will be left off the card, and some superstars are upset about it.

A new report directly refutes those claims and says that superstars can't be bothered about being off the show as the card for the premium live event isn't done yet.

Ringside News reached out to a tenured source in WWE about the recent reports of backstage frustration, and the claims were denied. The source pointed out that there are still ongoing discussions about matches that may take place, so a report about talent being left off the card doesn't make sense at the moment.

Former WWE writer believes that Triple H is purposely tanking RAW

Former head writer Vince Russo has a wacky conspiracy theory about WWE television, particularly the red brand.

The 62-year-old recently theorized that Triple H and the promotion are purposely putting on poor shows so the ratings will go down. Russo added that SmackDown is produced much better and is convinced that USA Network is unhappy with RAW.

"I think they're purposely tanking this show. I am not joking; I am not kidding around when you look at the way they produce SmackDown compared to the way they produce this show [RAW] what players go on SmackDown, what players go on this show. I knew USA was not happy, and they were getting very vocal," said Vince Russo. [From 03:30 to 03:52]

WrestleMania season is always the most exciting time of the year for wrestling fans. It will be interesting to see how Triple H books the show and if any of these rumors turn out to be true in the weeks ahead.

Many fans are hoping for shorter match cards at the premium live event, but that may not be the case after all.

Would you prefer smaller match cards for each night of WrestleMania? Which match would you like to see Triple H add to the card? Let us know in the comments section below.

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