Triple H is "purposely tanking" RAW as WWE might be preparing for another huge change, claims veteran (Exclusive)

Triple H has been WWE
Triple H has been WWE's Chief Content Officer since Vince McMahon's retirement.

WWE offered another episode of Monday Night RAW this week, and Triple H's team has come under heavy criticism for their lackluster booking. While speaking on the latest Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo revealed that WWE might deliberately be putting out bad shows to get out of its USA Network deal.

Vince Russo secretly worked as a consultant for the USA Network for nearly two years, and he had inside knowledge regarding the relationship between the company and the network. The former writer confirmed that USA Network officials were unhappy with the status of RAW as SmackDown continued to get bigger names and angles.

Russo firmly believes that WWE, too, can't wait for its contract with USA to end and is purposely presenting substandard shows. Here's his conspiracy theory, as revealed on Sportskeeda's post-RAW show:

"I think they're purposely tanking this show. I am not joking; I am not kidding around when you look at the way they produce SmackDown compared to the way they produce this show what players go on SmackDown, what players go on this show. I knew USA was not happy, and they were getting very vocal." [3:30 - 3:52]

It's been almost six months since Triple H replaced Vince McMahon as the Head of Creative, and there have been many noticeable changes made to the product.

However, Vince Russo wasn't impressed by the creative direction and said it was unacceptable for the writing to be as consistently bad as it has been since The Game took control of the main roster.

Russo didn't consider Triple H an incompetent booker, as he genuinely thinks that WWE isn't paying too much attention to the overall quality of RAW. Vince continued:

"And they are just going through the motions, waiting for this USA Network contract to be over. I am not making this up. I'm not over the top. You can't just book a show of match after match after match for six months. You can't. Triple H is not that bad, bro. He can't be that bad." [3:53 - 4:15]

"They are going to take RAW to a streaming service" - Vince Russo on Triple H and WWE's possible plan

Vince Russo once again compared SmackDown to RAW and noted how the blue brand recently got Kurt Angle to celebrate his birthday.

The 61-year-old veteran was convinced that WWE officials were looking for a way out of their agreement with USA Network before potentially undergoing a massive change to how the masses consume their content.

Russo foresaw WWE completely moving to a streaming service where fans would have to pay a monthly subscription fee to watch the company's shows. He explained:

"Especially Chris, when I saw Angle was on SmackDown. Bro, I'm telling you, they are done with USA Network. They are purposely tanking this. They are going to take RAW to a streaming service, and they are going to charge you monthly to watch. It is by design, Chris because I can't believe that Triple H is this inept. I can't believe it, bro, and I won't." [4:16 - 5:31]

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