Vince Russo confirms he has secretly been working for USA Network on WWE RAW since 2020

Russo was an essential part of WWE
Russo was an essential part of WWE's successful Attitude Era.

Vince Russo has dropped a bombshell by revealing that he was a consultant for USA Network on WWE RAW for nearly two years.

Russo has not worked directly with WWE since leaving the company in 2002, for the second time. While speaking on his YouTube channel, the former WWE writer confirmed that he began his new role as a consultant for the USA Network shortly before WrestleMania 36 in 2020.

He mentioned he was paid handsomely for his services during the two-year stint, which ended in March earlier this year after the most recent WrestleMania. Here's what he shared regarding the assignment in the clip below:

"I've been keeping a little secret for the last two+ years. I want to come clean. Well, bro, I'm going to break the news to you on this show. I have not said this publicly before. From March, pre-Mania, bro, it was right before Mania in 2020, up until this past Mania in 2022. So basically, bro, for two years, I was consulting for the USA Network," revealed Vince Russo. "For two years, bro, the USA Network paid me very, very, very well." [o:11 - 1:27]

Vince Russo went on to explain his USA Network gig further. He noted that he first got in touch with the company's Vice President who oversaw Monday Night RAW, before contributing with his creative suggestions.

He added that the USA Network executive had a lengthy chat with Russo before approaching Vince McMahon regarding the proposal:

"Now, if you want to know how this came about, let's take a couple of steps back, and I will explain it to you. I got in contact with the Vice President at the USA Network, who was overseeing RAW. He knew who I was, called me back immediately, and we had a long discussion. So the first thing he did was he went directly to Vince McMahon." [1:28 - 2:05]

"Don't tell me what the f*** I'm talking about" - Former WWE writer Vince Russo sends a message to haters

The outspoken wrestling personality also opened up on why he has been quiet about his dealings with the USA Network over the past couple of years. He often gets criticism for his brutally honest opinions on WWE's shows and their viewership figures.

Russo felt his comments were justified as he had inside knowledge about WWE's track record due to his association with the USA Network. The veteran even sent out a strong message to all his detractors while explaining why he was finally coming clean about the big secret:

"The reason why I'm coming clean is, bro, don't tell me what the f*** I'm talking about," Russo continued. "When it comes to numbers when it comes to networks, I don't care if it's 1999 or 2020; I know where they stand. I know what they are looking for. I know what's acceptable and what's unacceptable because I had communication with them for two straight years. So, don't tell me what the f*** I'm talking about, bro, when I'm working directly with the network that WWE RAW is on." [2:59 - 3:41]

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