"Talking to them like CM Punk does" - Ex-WWE personality says Bray Wyatt's latest promo reminded him of two top AEW stars and a Hall of Famer

Bray Wyatt made his return at Extreme Rules
Bray Wyatt made his return at Extreme Rules

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt recently delivered an emotional promo on the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, and Jim Cornette was reminded of other stars in the business.

AEW stars like CM Punk and MJF have also delivered emotional promos in the past, where they were able to reach their fans through words.

On the Jim Cornette Drive Thru, Cornette pointed out the similarities between Punk, MJF, Mick Foley, and Wyatt's way of delivering promos. He further added that, despite following the same concept, each of them has their own way of interacting with the fans.

"He was talking to them like Punk does, or like Mick Foley did, or like all the other... like MJF does, but in his own way. It was the same concept as those guys that can reach you on a verbal level but in his own manner of delivery." (5:05- 5:25)

Check out Jim Cornette Drive Thru's latest video below:


Jim Cornette compared Bray Wyatt's promo to that of Hangman Page's

In his promo, AEW star Hangman Page took a shot at Jon Moxley and an indirect one at The Elite. But it didn't impress Cornette.

The former WWE personality drew parallels between Bray Wyatt's iconic promo on SmackDown and that of Hangman Page. According to him, Wyatt's promo felt real and genuine, while Page's promo sounded like he was whining.

The veteran said:

"It wasn't like Adam Page moaning and b**ching and whining like a dork about his goddamn misery. This guy [Wyatt] you felt like he meant it. You know he said when he thought, 'nothing I ever did mattered, but I was wrong, the people still asked about me and cared about me and thanked me for what I had done for them.' And it was like the guy was having a nervous breakdown here on television and it was captivating. It wasn't like the again I go back to it wasn't like that goofy Adam Page screaming and punching himself in the head where you're staring at him like, 'what the f**k is the matter with this guy?'"

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