Ex-WWE star accuses Booker T of breaking his nose and not apologizing

Booker T reportedly broke his opponent's nose
Booker T reportedly broke his opponent's nose

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London has said that Booker T broke his nose during a match.

London had a five-year spell with WWE between 2003 and 2008, primarily featuring in the Cruiserweight division and tag team division. He won the tag team titles three times and the Cruiserweight title once.

While speaking on Rene Dupree's Cafe de Rene show, London hit out at the two-time Hall of Famer and mocked him for claiming that he never hurt anybody in the ring:

"I had got my nose broken by [makes Booker T impression] and still to this day, has never apologized and has been in denial of it. '[Booker T voice] I never hurt nobody, I never hurt nobody.' Oh yeah? You hurt me and you hurt Rene [Dupree]. But I guess your delusions are false."[From 0:15 to 0:46]

Rene Dupree also said that Booker T broke his nose, the week after the Hall of Famer broke London's nose on television.

Booker T didn't have pleasant words to say about ex-WWE star Rene Dupree in the past

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Dupree had accused Goldberg of injuring him, which didn't sit well with Booker T, who felt that he had to speak about it after the injury happened and not years later.

"I wouldn't be talking 15 years later about how bad it hurt. We would have had to confront each other about something like that happening," said Booker T.

Dupree called Goldberg "horrible" to be with in the ring and that a botched shot with a flag by the WWE Hall of Famer has caused him long-term pain. On this past week's Hall of Fame show,

Booker T discussed the accusations made by London and stated that he will address them on the next show, which will take place later this week.

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