Ezekiel finally shares a photo of his brother "Elrod" on Instagram

Ezekiel is the brother of WWE Superstar Elias
Ezekiel is the brother of WWE Superstar Elias

Upon his debut after WrestleMania 38, Ezekiel was revealed as Elias' younger brother. On Instagram, Zeke recently posted a story with his other much-talked-about brother named "Elrod."

The star's story has been entertaining as it has resulted in some high-quality comedy segments involving the likes of Kevin Owens. The latter went to great lengths to prove that Zeke is a fraud. Meanwhile, WWE featured Elias and his younger brother appearing in the same room and mentioned another brother, Elrod, at one point.

With a lot of curiosity about Elrod, Ezekiel took to Instagram to post a photo of the third brother, who happens to look remarkably similar to him:

Ezekiel's entire family showed up on RAW this week

On the latest episode of RAW, we saw the fallout from Ezekiel's attack by Kevin Owens, as he was stretchered out of the arena. The segment involved him being hospitalized while his entire family was by his side.

In the photo above, we can see his "father," Ernie Jr., a woman who is presumably his mother, Elrod, Elias, and one other member who hasn't been named.

This is a recurring joke in the story of Elias' younger brother, who will likely return to the ring soon. However, given that Owens has seemingly taken a step up the card and resumed his "Prizefighter" character after years, it's unlikely that the two will continue their feud.

What his place will be in the new era of WWE is yet to be seen. However, there will likely be a spot where he can entertain fans even without being a champion or main event superstar.

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