"What a disgrace" - Fans react to WWE's reported plans for Vince McMahon's return

McMahon announced his WWE retirement in July.
McMahon announced his WWE retirement in July

It's been almost two months since Vince McMahon's sudden WWE retirement, and the company might finally be ready to acknowledge the former CEO.

A report from the US Sun has revealed that WWE has discussed the possibility of inducting Vince McMahon into the Hall of Fame class of 2023. The honor would enable McMahon to make his return for a one-off appearance at WrestleMania 39, where WWE can book a grand farewell segment.

As expected, the reactions varied from positive to negative on social media ever since the rumors started circulating online. The 77-year-old veteran was forced to step away from his WWE duties due to serious sexual misconduct allegations, and the heat still hasn't completely died down against McMahon.

A section of the fanbase felt it was too soon to get VKM back on TV, as you can view below:

@WrestlingWCC He shouldn't even be in it. What a disgrace.
@WrestlingWCC Holy tone deaf, Batman
@WrestlingWCC Ehhhhhh maybe wait a year so he isn’t in trouble he is in now
@WrestlingWCC This is not good timing. They need to wait out everything that's going on.
@WrestlingWCC i'll add this to the list of reasons i want nothing to do with the company
@WrestlingWCC Having to oust your CEO for being a sex pest and potentially using company Money to pay off women and then putting him in the HOF the next year is certainly a move lol
*pretends to be shocked and then laugh* because of course Vince McMahon is going into his own hall of fame lol…
@WrestlingWCC He does deserve it if we are talking about it “pro wrestling and sports entertainment” wise but I guess it’s way too early. Maybe in 3-5 years? Idk
I don’t think Vince McMahon appears at WrestleMania 39, and I don’t think he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame next year. WWE has a lot of good will with fans at the moment, and I hope management is smart enough to know that any Vince “farewell” wouldn’t completely undo that.

Several wrestling fans, however, supported the reported decision to give McMahon a spot in the Hall of Fame.

The controversial personality has seemingly had the most significant impact on professional wrestling, and many felt he deserved to be appropriately honored on the road to WrestleMania 39.

@WrestlingWCC And rightfully so.Wrestling wouldn't exist as we know it without vince mcmahon.
@SKWrestling_ Pretty simple. He comes out. Says thank you to the fans. Glass shatters. Austin gives him a stunner. Lights go out. Taker is there. Choke slams him. Then all active and former wrestlers line the ramp and see him off as he walks backstage.
@ringsidenews_ The one person in the wrestling world who actually deserves it. He’s the reason to all of this regardless on how he behaved or did. He created the universe and he created the competitions.
@SKWrestling_ He deserves a farewell at WrestleMania
@WrestlingWCC He does deserve it.Despite being one of the most terrible human beings on this planet, he's the one who took his father's company to great heights, kept wrestling relevant through its dark times, and by proxy, helped many peoples mental health via the characters portrayed.
@WrestlingWCC It makes sense. I can't complain because it's something you surely have to do right? I mean it's Vince McMahon. Even with all the allegations it makes sense.
He deserves it. And Wrestling HOF. If you don't believe he does. Completely stop watching all wrestling. If it wasn't for Vince McMahon there would be no wrestling on TV. Those are facts.…
@WrestlingWCC I mean it feels kind of weird but WWE would not be where it is without this man. He personally poured so much of his personal time and mental energy into making a product people would enjoy. Regardless of what's going on, that kind of dedication deserves recognition.

Fans even had a few names in mind as to who could do the honors of inducting Vince McMahon into the WWE HOF.

@WrestlingWCC The one to induct him into the hall of fame.
@WrestlingWCC As he should be inducted by Shane Stephanie and HHH and even Linda
@WrestlingWCC If anyone’s inducting him, it should be Stephanie

As always, wrestling fans also saw the funny side regarding the latest rumor involving Vince McMahon:

me when vince mcmahon tries to give his hall of fame speech
@WrestleFeedApp Dexter Lumis should kidnap Vince off of the 2023 hall of fame stage. 😆
@WrestlingWCC Vince inducting himself into his own hall of fame is exactly the same as making yourself champion.

Vince McMahon's WWE Hall of Fame induction could receive backlash

As reported by the US Sun, WWE officials have discussed the possibility of paying tribute to pro wrestling's most influential promoter during WrestleMania season.

While the idea is to commemorate McMahon's incredible career, the company is also aware that making any moves right now might not be well-received in mainstream media.

McMahon is not expected to ever wrestle again or be involved in any backstage capacity; however, a WrestleMania appearance could be in the cards for the former WWE CEO despite his abrupt exit from the organization.

"Now at this moment in time, the suggestion of any kind of 'celebration' seems impossible and would spark potential backlash. Obviously, Vince will not wrestle again, but having an invitation to WrestleMania could be a possibility," stated the US Sun report.

What are your opinions on Mr. McMahon possibly going into the WWE Hall of Fame next year? Share them in the comments section below.

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