"Fans ruin their own stuff" - Triple H on the criticisms of the NXT brand

Triple H has a lot of thoughts on the heavy criticisms of NXT over the years.
Triple H has a lot of thoughts on the heavy criticisms of NXT over the years.
Matt Black

This afternoon's Triple H media call for NXT TakeOver: In Your House was certainly an interesting one.

During the interaction, Triple H was asked by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer about the lack of "Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyres" lately as it pertained to talent moving up to the main roster from NXT and having great success.

Triple H described the idea as similar to players in college not working out once they make it to the NFL. But before long, The Game took the conversation in another turn where he addressed fan's criticism of NXT in recent years and how they ruin things for themselves.

"Is NXT just strictly developmental?" Triple H asked. "Where you're looking for everybody there to eventually move on, or is it its own brand? You know, a year or two in, that was a heavy knock on NXT. And I don't know if you remember it that way, but I do. For me during the interviews at that time, it was always said, 'How can I get into this brand whenever I get excited about a talent they move on? It kills me for the brand, and I don't like it.' and it was a heavy-duty criticism. That was for the first three, four years, and then that morphed into a different place where people got accustomed to that, and it's switched the brand changed again.
"It's changed into a place where yeah, there are going to be some talent that will be in a position for a long time. They might not fit different places. They might not want to go different places. They don't want to. Maybe the schedule doesn't work for them, physically, whatever it is, so there's a lot of options there. It's a funny thing to me sometimes that in our business, everybody is so worried about where people are going to go or land, or how is this going to play out long term in the future. How about watch it?"
"Do you like it, or do you not like it? Do you like it, and do you have to say, I like it but I Oh I like this other thing more, or I like it, but I don't like it as much as I like that one like watch it or don't, and stop trying to figure out where everything goes. Fans ruin their own stuff half the time trying to figure out where everything goes and why it's going there and how and then trying to pick up their phone and go search for the thing to find out what it is that can ruin it for them, so they're not surprised when it happens like I don't understand that," said Triple H.

Triple H is thrilled where NXT is right now

Triple H went on to say that he's happy where NXT is right now, but he wants it to get better and grow.

The Game said it's a marathon and not a sprint and that he wants the brand to be long term. He also stated if NXT is the same three years from now, it would be a mistake from their part.

"I'm thrilled with what the brand is," Triple H admitted. "I'm happy with where it is. Do I want it to get better? Yes, do I want it to grow. Yes. Do I want it to expand? Yes. But again, people will take this line and use it out of context and joke it's a marathon, not a sprint. I'm not here to make a brand that's around for a few years or a few minutes. I want it to be long term, and how's it going to be long term it's going to morph and evolve it shouldn't be the same if it's the same three years from now or four years from now as it is right now, we made a mistake."

What are your thoughts on Triple H's comments about NXT? Do you think fans ruin things in NXT for themselves? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section.

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