Female ex-WWE star opens up on controversial storyline before PG Era started

WWE had a bunch of controversial storylines before the PG Era started.
WWE produced a bunch of controversial storylines before the PG Era started [Image source: wwe.com]

A former WWE Superstar has opened up about one of the most controversial storylines of the Ruthless Aggression Era. Katie Lea Burchill recently recalled the potential outcomes of her angle with Paul Burchill, her on-screen brother.

In an interview with Hannibal TV, Katie Lea revealed that there was a meeting before her storyline with Paul was shelved. They were presented with two possible outcomes of the program, which were both controversial in nature.

"We actually had a meeting about (...) how to resolve it because we're going to start off teasing that dynamic. And then we were going to have a reveal to where either we're just stepbrother and sister, so we're not actually blood-related so that that part is okay. Or the other way that we were kind of teasing that maybe we were se*ually involved but we weren't actually se*ually involved. So it was one of those two ways that we were going to go," Katie Lea said. [0:18 - 0:45]

Katie Lea Burchill added that WWE creative was never planning to take the story to a different level. It was eventually scrapped because of sponsors, and the company was about to transition to the PG Era.

Paul Burchill confirms why WWE scrapped his pirate gimmick

Before Paul Burchill worked with Katie Lea Burchill, he had a pirate gimmick that was starting to gain popularity. However, WWE had to remove the character from television, and Paul was sent back to OVW.

In an appearance on The Two Man Power Trip podcast in March 2024, Paul confirmed that it was Disney that got his pirate gimmick scrapped.

"Yep, it was Disney, so it wasn't gonna keep going for too long on network TV. It was a shame, but it was fine. The plan was to evolve it, make it more edgy, but still be a very [childlike] and directed character and just a fun kind of underneath babyface one," he said. [H/T: WrestlingInc.]

Paul Burchill's pirate gimmick was introduced when Pirates of the Caribbean was at its peak, with Johnny Depp playing the Jack Sparrow character. There were some similarities between Burchill and Sparrow. Hence, Disney likely had no choice but to protect its property.

If you use any quotes from the article's first half, please credit Hannibal TV and an H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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