Female WWE Superstar breaks silence after being humiliated; was forced to walk through backstage in horrible condition 

The WWE Superstar was not happy with her treatment
The WWE Superstar was not happy with her treatment

Being a WWE Superstar is not an easy thing. You have to be prepared for anything, and if your defenses are down for even a moment, your rival may take advantage of you. That's exactly what happened to Gigi Dolin this week on NXT, leaving her in an unfathomable condition. She has now broken her silence about what happened.

Gigi Dolin faced off against Kiana James at NXT this week and got a near-fall quickly, but both WWE stars took each other out with a clothesline. In the end, though, Dolin was successful and took out James with a Crucifix Bomb to pick up the win.

She didn't get to enjoy her win, as she was attacked from behind by James immediately after the match. James took her out and then dumped cans of orange and blue paint on her, leaving her lying in the ring.

The superstar was very unhappy with what had happened to her and broke her silence in a Twitter post tonight, speaking about what she had to go through.

"Tuesday night. My skin is stained, my hair is stained, my gear ruined, humiliated on live tv and in front of every person I had to pass by on my way through the back. All cause Kiana James thinks she’s witty by dumping paint all over me. It’s all good, though. Keep tryin me. 👍," she wrote.

Check out the tweet below:

The WWE star will likely be looking for revenge after what happened this week. It remains to be seen how this feud will pan out.

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