Finn Balor shuts down fan following CM Punk's WWE return at Survivor Series: WarGames [VIDEO]

Finn Balor lost a match before CM Punk
Finn Balor (right) lost a match before CM Punk's (left) return to WWE.

Finn Balor was part of the losing side at the WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2023 before CM Punk’s blockbuster return. The Prince received some negative responses from fans following the show, but he was quick to shut them down.

Balor teamed up with Drew McIntyre and the other members of The Judgment Day to take on Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Sami Zayn, and Jey Uso in a Men's WarGames Match. Finn Balor’s side was unsuccessful at defeating the babyfaces of the RAW brand.

The match was overshadowed by the return of CM Punk to the Stamford-based promotion. The Best in the World made his iconic entrance and left without uttering a word.

The fans were all pumped up at the end of the show as they saw the Chicago-based wrestler return. Many continued to chant his name long after the show came to a close.

In the final moments of the night, Finn Balor was seen making his exit along with JD McDonagh. A fan posted a video of someone telling Balor to hurry and leave. The Prince had the perfect response to the fan who tried to get under his skin.

Check out what Finn Balor said to the fan below:

"Go tweet about CM Punk coming back," Balor said.

You can watch the video below:

The fan did not have a good comeback to Balor’s response, and the video ends with him saying that CM Punk held the WWE Championship for 434 days. However, The Judgment Day member walked away to avoid any further argument.

WWE is offering many superstars a lot of money after CM Punk's signing

CM Punk is loved by a large segment of the WWE Universe. However, he is not the most lovable superstar backstage.

A recent report states that WWE does not want anyone leaving the company right now. Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Stamford-based promotion is offering a lot of money to some talents after signing the Best in the World to a lucrative deal.

Here's what Meltzer reported:

"There is a lot of movement in WWE right now as far as [departures]; they don't want anyone leaving, and there's a lot of people that are being offered very big money that is, you know, besides just Punk, there are other people being offered very big money, much more than they are making to stay," Meltzer said.

It must be noted that not many top superstars were in favor of seeing Punk back in the fold. However, things will likely change with the return of the Best in the World.

Are you excited to see CM Punk back in the Stamford-based promotion? Sound off in the comments section below!

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