"Very big money" being offered to prevent WWE stars from leaving after CM Punk's return - Reports

Paul "Triple H" Levesque and CM Punk.
Paul "Triple H" Levesque and CM Punk.

It's unsurprising that CM Punk's WWE return has given rise to fear amongst fans about potential exits. Dave Meltzer spoke about that very possibility following Survivor Series and noted that WWE is now trying to retain most of its top talents.

While the speculation existed, seeing CM Punk back in the WWE still felt pretty unexpected and surreal at the same time, as the recent AEW exit arguably affected his reputation in pro wrestling.

WWE, though, isn't shying away from doing good business with CM Punk and has reportedly signed him to a multi-year contract. With WWE acquiring such a massive name, people have doubts about whether other major names might choose to leave.

Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that as far as WWE departures are concerned, the company does not want anyone leaving at this moment. Moreover, the promotion is offering a lot of money to some talents, and this is after securing CM Punk's signature on a lucrative deal.

Here's what Meltzer reported:

"There is a lot of movement in WWE right now as far as (departures); they don't want anyone leaving. And there's a lot of people that are being offered very big money that is, you know, besides just Punk, there are other people being offered very big money, much more than they are making to stay." [3:10 - 3:31]

As CM Punk is once again a WWE star, Dave Meltzer highlights an expected trend that hasn't happened with TKO

When Endeavour announced its takeover of WWE, many expected the Ari Emanuel-led organization to follow what they'd done when they purchased UFC.

Dana White's company underwent a reshuffle, with names on big contracts being let go without any hesitation. The same was expected to happen when Endeavor got control of WWE but, as highlighted by Dave Meltzer, this hasn't happened.

Meltzer added the following regarding TKO Holdings:

"A lot of people thought that with Endeavour, it's going to be like, no one's going to get big contracts, and it's actually been different." [3:32 - 3:42]

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