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WWE News: Finn Balor talks about Conor McGregor coming to the WWE

The Irishman hopes to team up with the UFC Lightweight Champion in the WWE soon.

Conor McGregor has been linked with a return to the WWE

Maverick UFC star Conor McGregor recently defeated Eddie Alvarez to become the first simultaneous two-division champion in the history of the UFC. Taking the mic after the bout, he colourfully announced that he would do as he pleased and that he wanted to apologise to absolutely nobody.

At the pre-bout press conference, the Irishman turned up considerably later than the prescribed time and when he did arrive, he proceeded to cheekily steal rival Eddie Alvarez’s title belt and announced to the crowd that that he couldn’t care less if he was late. After which he proceeded to try and throw a chair at his rival.

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The Notorious One’s brash, devil-may-care cocky attitude, would fit perfectly with the WWE stable of superstars. The Irishman’s switch to the WWE has also been talked up by wrestling legend Triple H who has stated in the past that it would be the perfect business opportunity.

Another WWE wrestler, fellow Irishman Finn Balor has been talking up the Notorious One’s chances of switching to professional wrestling in the WWE and even hoped to team up with him forming an all Irish tag-team partnership. Speaking to the Daily Star, the former Universal Champion said: 

“I think Conor McGregor would be a perfect fit for the WWE.”

The wrestler, who is currently injured, went on to add:

“He’s an entertainer and an incredible fighter. Being Irish I would hope we would fight side-by-side in a tag team as opposed against each other.”

He also summed up the sentiments of UFC and wrestling fans worldwide seeking a Conor McGregor storyline in the WWE as he said:

“We would all love to have Conor in the WWE if the opportunity arose."

Although the Irishman has been heavily linked to the WWE in the recent past, it is unlikely that he would be paired up with Finn Balor given that his larger than life persona would be more ideally suited to being paired with one of WWE’s heavyweights like The Undertaker, The Rock or Triple H himself at Wrestlemania 33.

It is also likely that Conor McGregor would set out for a career in boxing before moving to the WWE with his boxing-dependant style and the fact that he has also received a professional boxing license from the California State Athletic Commission in November.

Rumours of a match-up between boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the Notorious One also refuse to die down with the two engaging in a war of words in the media over a possible fight between them.

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