Former WCW star reveals how Goldberg's behavior changed after becoming a megastar [Exclusive]

Modified 20 Jan 2021

Former WCW star Konnan recently had a chat with SK Wrestling's Dr. Chris Featherstone. He opened up on Goldberg's demeanor after the latter became a megastar in WCW.

When asked about WCW legend Goldberg's backstage demeanor following his mega push, Konnan confirmed that all the success did change Goldberg's attitude to a certain extent during his run in WCW.

A little bit, you know. I mean, when you get that super mass popularity that he did, as quick as he did, and people start treating you different, you start thinking about yourself different. So it did get a little bit into his head, he was much more humble when he first came in. But he also had a lot of guys who were trying to knock him off the pedestal, so he was paranoid at the same time.

Konnan also talked about other major stars being jealous of Goldberg's success. He stated that WCW's locker room had several guys with big egos, and the fact that Goldberg was becoming more popular with each passing day, didn't sit well with them. Konnan further said that Goldberg wasn't a wrestling fan growing up, and thus didn't know much about the business, and had no idea about what he was walking into.

Goldberg is still as relevant as ever, more than 20 years since his peak WCW run

Goldberg was one of the biggest wrestlers in WCW history and carried his stardom over to WWE in 2003. He had a brief but successful stint the first time around, which saw him winning the world title on one occasion and scoring a win over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20.

Goldberg came back to WWE in 2016 to resume his feud with Lesnar and has made many more returns since then. He is currently set to collide with Drew McIntyre for the WWE title at the 2021 Royal Rumble event.

Published 20 Jan 2021
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