Former WWE announcer believes Charlotte Flair has issues with the company

Are things not good behind the scenes with Charlotte Flair and WWE?
Are things not good behind the scenes with Charlotte Flair and WWE?
Matt Black

Is it possible that the relationship between Charlotte Flair and WWE is more strained than they want us to believe? Former WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich seems to think that is the case.

This week, Savinovich sat down with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. to discuss the situation. He questioned WWE's decision to leave Charlotte Flair off this year's WrestleMania only for her to return on RAW the very next night.

“I think a woman that is a legend, that has the legendary name of Ric Flair and has become one of the best in the field, and she’s taken out of WrestleMania with a cheap excuse of being pregnant? She’s not in WrestleMania, but the night after, she kicks everybody’s ass, and they let her do a mini-CM Punk pipe bomb in the ring. You don’t have her at WrestleMania. You don’t have Brock Lesnar. You don’t have The Rock. You don’t have many things. You don’t have Jeff Hardy. You don’t have John Cena. You don’t have a surprise. You don’t have a CM Punk, and you have somebody already made. Somebody that is a diamond. Somebody that is a queen of wrestling, and you don’t have her on the card? Yet you bring her in the next night at RAW? How the heck do you explain that creative process? She’s good for RAW, but maybe we’ll send a message that because you favor your Latino fiancé, maybe it would send a message to the other people, ‘Hey, anybody steps out of line, we don’t care if you’re The Queen Charlotte or you are Andrade or whatever. We’re going to take you out of the card.'”

Does Charlotte Flair have issues with WWE over Andrade's release?

When Hausman asked Savinovich if he believed Charlotte Flair was left off this year's WrestleMania because of Andrade's release, his answer was an emphatic yes.

“Oh definitely. As a matter of fact, the scary part is that throughout the interview, on purpose, I tried to speak English because I wanted to make sure there was some evidence in English because, usually, they translate to Vince and the people, and they don’t even translate correctly. So I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page as far as he was very upset and that he said, ‘I don’t want to say anything more because I don’t want her to suffer the consequences,’ but how much more can you suffer when you were not listened to?"

While Savinovich makes a compelling case, it's hard to tell if there are any serious issues between Charlotte Flair and WWE at this time. This will certainly be a story that the WWE Universe will have to keep their eye on for a while.

What do you make of Savinovich's comments? Do you think there are issues with Charlotte Flair and WWE? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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