Former WWE Champion announced as the next guest on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin announces the next guest on The Broken Skull Sessions.
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin announces the next guest on The Broken Skull Sessions.

Randy Orton has finally got what he wanted. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin officially announced this afternoon that The Viper will be the next guest on Broken Skull Sessions.

Almost a month ago, Orton took to Twitter to call out "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Orton questioned why he hadn't been a guest yet on the latter's popular podcast.

"I think it’s f***** up @steveaustinBSR hasn’t had me on yet. Baddest mfer to lace a pair of boots and prob one of the top GOATS of all time. Real talk. Where you at Steven?"

Steve Austin heard the message loud and clear and responded to Orton with a simple message: "Patience, Randall. Patience." Well, Orton didn't have to wait too long to get what he wanted. Soon enough, The Viper will meet The Texas Rattlesnake on Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network.

Randy Orton is ready for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions

Randy Orton has had quite the WWE career over the last two decades, so there will be plenty of questions for Austin to ask him on the show. Even today, Orton is heavily involved on WWE TV, so Austin is likely to venture into that aspect of his career too.

Since Orton requested to be on the show, you have to believe that he knew what he was getting himself into. The Legend killer will be ready to do a deep dive into some of Stone Cold's hard-hitting questions.

What will the WWE Universe learn when Randy Orton sits down on Broken Skull Sessions? Tune in later this month to find out.

Are you excited for The Viper to sit down with the Texas Rattlesnake? What questions do you hope to hear Steve Austin ask? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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