Former WWE Champion shares lesser-known details about Theory's backstage reputation

Drew McIntyre makes a solid prediction for Theory!
Drew McIntyre makes a solid prediction for Theory!
Shruti Sadbhav

Drew McIntyre, formerly known as "The Chosen One" in WWE, recently revealed how the roster perceives current superstar, Theory, with that tag.

Long before Vince McMahon invested his resources in making Theory the top name in the business, he showed the same faith in Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately, the latter was released by the company. But that fuelled McIntyre to reinvent himself and return to WWE, where he established himself at the top of the roster.

McIntyre recalled how McMahon wasn't always physically present in his storyline, but that has changed since the Chairman labeled Theory as WWE's future. The Scottish Warrior believes that Theory's confidence and in-ring talent will take him far if he keeps his feet on the ground.

During a recent interview with Newsday, he discussed how WWE looks at Theory:

"I think he's done a great job. It helps that Vince McMahon is involved in how he is on screen. I think he was on screen with me maybe three or four times in total before Nexus took him out, and he wasn't featured on the show anymore. So I was doing this story, but he wasn't physically present, which hurt the story a little bit. But with Austin, he's physically present."

McIntyre said no one in WWE is the same age as Theory. The latter has twenty years of career ahead of him. He's convinced Vince will build WWE around the budding star if everything goes well. McIntyre insisted that the reigning United States Champion has the opportunity to tell his story over the next few years:

"Austin is somebody who has got confidence beyond his years. He’s 24-years-old. He’s so confident. He looks great. He's very good in the ring. He keeps getting better every single week. And, if he keeps his feet on the ground, keeps working hard and stays humble, he’s got the whole world ahead of them. We don't have anybody that’s his age, that we can build the company around. We don't need to give it everything right now. He’s 24. He’s somebody who you can take the slow burn route with, and educate people about who he is over the next few years. And you still have, you know, 20 years left in his career." (H/T: Newsday)

Theory dethroned Finn Balor to win the US title and is passively looking for his next challenger. He recently aided The Miz in his brief feud with returning WWE star Mustafa Ali.

Drew McIntyre reveals the advantage of his move to WWE SmackDown

The Scottish Warrior was one of several superstars who moved from RAW to SmackDown during the WWE Draft last year. During the same interview, McIntyre was asked about his current run on the blue brand.

After enjoying a dominant run in the WWE Championship picture on RAW, McIntyre feels he now has the opportunity to reinvent himself on SmackDown. The top babyface is excited to see what's in store as he works to establish himself as a top superstar on the blue brand.

McIntyre will compete in a huge Six-Man Tag Team Match at WrestleMania Backlash. He'll team up with RK-Bro to take on The Usos & Roman Reigns. This booking has cleverly caused McIntyre to cross paths with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, hinting at a potential title rivalry in the coming months.

We asked Stone Cold Steve Austin if he acknowledges Roman Reigns. Find out his answer here.

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