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WWE News: Former WWE creative team member talks about Eddie Guerrero's early days in WWE

1.17K   //    22 Oct 2016, 10:15 IST
edie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero was inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2006

Former member of WWE creative team Court Bauer recently appeared on Eric Bischoff's 'Bischoff On Wrestling' podcast where he talked about the WWE Legend Eddie Guerrero and revealed how he won Vince McMahon's trust over time. Thanks to, below are some of the highlights from the podcast:

Speaking of Eddie's early days in the company, Court revealed that at first, the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion was not given much freedom but as time went on, he was given more creative control. He said:

"I saw with Eddie Guerrero that at first Eddie wasn’t allowed to really do much on his own. As time went on he was given that freedom to figure out his character. If he disagreed he’d let Vince know, “Vince, I’m not feeling that.” 

During his first run with WWE, Guerrero was believed to have attracted grief from the WWE officials and was released from the company within one year of his signing following his arrest in a drunk driving case.

Speaking about this, Bauer accepted that the former WWE Champion was a little difficult to work with and said that he was a person who would not do something if he did not like it:

“He can be kind of curmudgeonly about it. A little difficult but he knew who Eddie Guerrero was and if he didn’t feel something he wasn’t going to do it. I think that’s important for a guy to be able to advocate for himself but it’s a political thing.

You have to have like you said (Eric), it’s politics. You have to be tactful. There’s a bit of diplomacy involved.”

Later in the interview, the former WWE staff member said that to be successful in WWE you need to know your value for the company and you need to know where you stand in Mr. McMahon's eyes:

“You also have to know your worth to Vince. If you try to pull stuff and he doesn’t see you as a money guy you’re going to have a really rough time.

Whether it’s a contract issue or a creative issue. You’ve got to know where you stand in their eyes. Not your own eyes. Even if you feel that you aren’t being looked at accordingly. It’s important that you know where you stand in the bosses’ eyes.”

Eddie Gurrero made his WWE debut back in January 2000 as part of The Radicalz alongside Dean Malenko, Christ Benoit and Perry Saturn. However, his first WWE stint was full of controversies and the former WCW employee was released from the company within one year. 

Although he was rehired by the officials back in April 2002 and after that, the Mexican star went on to become popular in WWE winning the WWE Championship in 2004.

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