Former WWE Divas Champion shows off new look ahead of The Royal Rumble 

Will AJ Lee be at The Royal Rumble?
Will AJ Lee be at The Royal Rumble?

AJ Lee has never been part of a WWE Women's Royal Rumble match, but with the show around the corner, never say never. The former Divas Champion recently showed off her new blue-haired look.

Blue hair has most recently been associated with Sasha Banks. But since her recent move over to NJPW, AJ Lee has decided it's her turn to adopt the color instead as she continues her work for Women of Wrestling.

Lee shared the following update with the caption "just blue myself" earlier today.

The wife of former WWE and AEW Superstar CM Punk is currently working as an executive producer for Women of Wrestling. It is the first time Lee has stepped back into the business since her 2015 retirement.

Former WWE Superstar AJ Lee recently refrained from ruling out a return to the ring

AJ Lee hasn't wrestled a match since she retired from WWE back in 2015 and has only recently returned as part of WOW. Following her husband's return to the ring in AEW, the former Divas Champion was rumored to be heading in the same direction.

That is something she addressed whilst speaking to Renee Paquette in the summer of 2022.

"I always say, 'never say never, but don't hold your breath' and everyone holds on to the 'never say never.' [laughing] Don't hold your breath, you're going to die....I always felt great about the timing of when I retired. You never want to be the last girl at the party, you want to go out on top. Everything felt so perfect and tied up in a bow. I know his experience is different. To me, I didn't want him, or me with WOW, anything to feel like you were the person going back to hang out with high school kids. I was hoping it wasn't that and it seems to not be." Via

The Women's Royal Rumble match is less than two weeks away and AJ Lee would be a huge surprise for the WWE Universe if the company is able to add her to the match.

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