"He's crazy!" - Former WWE official recalls when The Rock's father jumped out of an airplane

The Rock inducted his father Rocky Johnson into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2008
The Rock inducted his father Rocky Johnson into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2008
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Former WWE official Gerald Brisco has revealed that The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson, once threw himself out of a moving airplane when it caught fire.

The wrestling business was very different during The Rock's father's time from what it is now. While superstars are still responsible for taking themselves from one venue to another, back then, they had to wrestle in multiple territories over a few days. As a result, a group of wrestlers together would often hire cheap commercial airplanes to travel faster.

On Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, Gerald Brisco has now shared a story about The Rock's father, where Rocky Johnson threw himself out of a taxiing airplane when he saw smoke coming from the back.

Brisco revealed that along with a couple of other wrestlers, he and Johnson were flying to Miami when it turned out that the plane had caught fire.

"We had that tail dragger that caught on fire that time where Rocky Johnson jumped out of the airplane as we were taxiing down the highway. He saw smoke on the back of the airplane. He was sitting by one of those drop-down doors, and he dropped that damn door down as we were taxiing and jumped out of the damn thing. And we went, 'What the hell is he doing, he's crazy.' All of a sudden we saw the smoke coming out we all wanted to jump out the door too," Brisco said. "Yeah, there was a fire, fire in the commode man, somebody had been back there smoking a doobie or something." [34:25 to 34:57]

You can check out the entire episode below:


He further explained that back in those days, people could smoke in commercial airplanes, but how the plane caught fire was not known.

The Rock's father was able to get back on the plane eventually

Rocky Johnson and Young Rock.

JBL was quite shocked to hear the story and asked what eventually happened to the plane. Brisco revealed that thankfully, since they were still taxiing, they just pulled over at the side of the runway, and firetrucks put out the fire.

"They pulled it over at the side of the runway, a firetruck came out and put the commode out. We got back on the airplane and flew to Miami," Brisco said. [35:50 to 35:59]

He added that Rocky Johnson returned to the plane after the fire was out, and they all flew to their destination.

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