"I had two black eyes." - Former WWE Referee tells hilarious Andre The Giant story

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Andre didn't know his own strength sometimes

Legendary WWE Referee Earl Hebner has discussed a time when Andre The Giant gave him two black eyes.

Earl Hebner is best known for his run as a WWE Official from 1988 - 2005. He was part of some of the most iconic and infamous finishes in the company during this time. Following his departure from the WWE in 2005, Hebner had an 11-year stint with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, spanning from 2006 - 2017.

Hebner discussed a match he refereed in Winnipeg, Canada. Earl explained the incident during a live stream with K & S WrestleFest. He outlined that Andre tried to hold him in the corner for a spot, and the pressure of The Giant's hands caused Hebner to form two black eyes:

"We were in Winnipeg doing a match with Andre, it was a spot where he was gonna hold me. He grabbed me right here and he held me in the corner. The next day we flew from there to Madison Square Garden. From the pressure on his hands, I had two black eyes. Could not referee, couldn't see. I walk up to Andre, 'Andre, look what you did, boss.' He goes, 'No, not me.' I go, 'Yeah, you.'" (H/T WrestlingInc)

Andre The Giant allegedly sang to a WWE Legend in the ring

Jake "The Snake" Roberts recently shared his own story about Andre accidentally hurting him in the ring, during a recent podcast appearance.

During a recent edition of the DDP Snake Pit, Roberts noted that Andre once knocked him unconscious during a match, and was singing to him when he came to:

"When I woke up, Andre has got me in a bear hug and he's singing to me, 'Nice little baby, nice little baby,' and I woke up and I'm like, 'What the f*ck. Oh my god, Andre, get us out of here. [Andre replies] No, we finish the match,'" he said

Andre The Giant last wrestled in early December 1992, retiring due to several amounting health issues. He died on January 28th 1993.

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