"He is definitely going to be my biggest challenge"- Former WWE star gets compared to Kane and Big Show (Exclusive)

Kane and Big Show as the WWE Tag Team Champions.
Kane and Big Show as the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Trevor Murdoch opened up about his upcoming match against Tyrus and felt that facing the former WWE star would be similar to his battles against Big Show and Kane.

Trevor Murdoch spent three years in WWE between 2005 and 2008, during which he won the tag team championship thrice and wrestled many legendary stars. Tyrus, aka Brodus Clay, also worked for eight years in WWE until his release in June 2014.

Murdoch and Clay are currently both in NWA and are preparing to duke it out for the company's prestigious world title at its 74th Anniversary Show on August 28th. Trevor Murdoch began by clarifying that he was inexperienced when he went up against Kane and The Big Show several years ago in WWE.

The reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion said that Tyrus was a physically larger competitor just like Kane and Big Show and realizes his next title difference will be his most difficult challenge to date.

Here's what Murdoch had to say during an exclusive Sportskeeda Wrestling interview:

"Yeah, the next two guys closest would be Big Show and Kane, and I was a young greenhorn wrestler, and those guys, they were obviously in their peak physical condition,' said Trevor Murdoch. "So, obviously, they threw me around like a ragdoll, even at 6'4'', 250 at the time. I'm a little bit smarter. A little bit wiser. A little bit older. A little bit thicker. Tyrus is; he is definitely going to be my biggest challenge, man." [1:29 - 1:56]

Trevor Murdoch continued to talk about his title challenger and was aware that he wouldn't have it easy in their championship clash.

The 41-year-old ex-WWE star knows that his world title reign is in jeopardy but has a game plan heading into the highly-anticipated contest:

Murdoch added:

"I know Tyrus carries a lot of pride with the NWA, especially for the Worlds Heavyweight title, and he wants to be world heavyweight champion. So he is going to go in there and do whatever he can to overcome me. I just got to do my best to bob and weave the big ones and throw punches and bunches after that!" [2:18 - 2:34]

Do not expect to watch a high-spot fest: Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch on his match against Tyrus

Professional wrestling has changed tremendously in recent years as fans are now treated to different types of matches outside the realms of WWE.

From fast-paced spot fests to intricately technical classics, the pro wrestling faithful have witnessed many new in-ring styles as the business continues to evolve.

Trevor Murdoch and Tyrus, however, are expected to have a good old-fashioned brawl when they step into the squared circle for the NWA World Championship. Murdoch was ready for a hard-hitting fight with the #1 contender, as he revealed below:

"Don't expect, when you watch, Tyrus and me to watch a technical masterpiece of pro wrestling. Do not expect to watch a high-spot fest. I can almost lay money on it, the fact that we're going to go in there and just beat the s*** out of each other and test to see who the toughest guy is." [1:58 - 2"17]

Are you looking forward to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match featuring the former WWE stars?

NWA 74 streams on FITE TV PPV worldwide on Aug 27th and 28th from St. Louis, MO. Tickets and more:

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