Former WWE star says defeating Ric Flair was one of the biggest moments of his career (Exclusive)

The Nature Boy has gone head to head with Scott McGhee on quite a few occasions.
The Nature Boy has gone head to head with Scott McGhee on quite a few occasions.

WWE veteran Scott McGhee recently recounted some of the most memorable moments of his wrestling career, including defeating Ric Flair.

For those unaware, McGhee was a staple in Championship Wrestling From Florida's programming in the early to mid-1980s. He also competed for the NWA World Championship on many occasions but fell short of capturing the gold.

In 1985, he took his talents to WWE, where he worked until 1987 before returning to the indie circuit. In a chat with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Scott McGhee looked back at some of the fondest memories of his short-but-impactful wrestling career. He recalled that defeating then-NWA Champion Ric Flair in a non-title match in 1984 remained one of his favorite moments.

Furthermore, McGhee added that defeating Billy Graham for the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title in July 1984 was another moment he's immensely proud of.

"Two moments was one time I beat Ric Flair on TV when he was a world champion [in a non-title match], and the other one was when I beat Billy Graham for the Florida Heavyweight Championship. Those were my two highlights because when I was 15, I used to work out at Billy's house, and I just used to worship the ground he used to walk on. So, that was a big deal, especially for the Florida Heavyweight Championship [NWA] and the other one was with Ric," said Scott McGhee. (4:06 - 4:55)

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WWE veteran Scott McGhee loved working for Championship Wrestling of Florida

The former WWE star termed his time working alongside the giants of the business like Barry Windham and Magnum TA as "special."

McGhee recalled winning the NWA Florida Global Tag Team Championship with Magnum TA thrice and becoming the youngest NWA Florida Tag Team Champion with Barry Windham.

"Well, it was a special time. There was me, Barry [Windham], Terry [Allen, Magnum TA]. Of course, me and Terry was the Global Tag Team Champions [NWA Florida], and me and Barry was the youngest tag team champions in history [sic]," added McGhee. (5:02 - 5:28)
Talk about elite training:Scott McGhee was trained by Ric Flair,Ricky Steamboat,Karl Gotch,Buddy Rogers and his dad,Geoff Portz.while never a star,McGhee had a fine career,winning Titles in Florida,Portland and in the Southeast.

Interestingly, Scott McGhee also won the NWA Florida Global Tag Team Championship once with his former rival, Billy Graham's son, Mike Graham.

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