Former WWE star says Vince McMahon kicked him out of the building after he went off-script

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McMahon made his return to WWE in January 2023 as executive chairman

According to former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox, Vince McMahon kicked him out of the building after he called fans ''coc*y pricks'' during a dark match.

Maddox was let go by WWE on November 25, 2015, due to a controversial incident that happened during a dark match. The 38-year-old didn't do much of a note in pro wrestling following his WWE release.

While speaking on Wrestling With Rip Rogers, Maddox opened up about the incident that resulted in him getting kicked out of the building by Vince McMahon.

Here's what he said:

"I had a singles dark match before the show and I cut a promo on my way out to the ring, and I called the Indianapolis crowd ''co*ky pr*cks" at the end of my promo. He kicked me out of the building. It was a dark match before RAW... or it was before SmackDown, 'cause Vince never watches sh*t before SmackDown starts, so it was weird that he was even watching. But he saw that and sent me home. And the next day, Carrano called me, and told me." [0:17-1:01]

Vince McMahon certainly wasn't happy with Maddox's promo addressing the crowd

Maddox's "co*ky pr*cks" line cost him his WWE gig as he was fired by the company soon after, on November 25, 2015. He had a seven-year run with the promotion during 2008-15 and was heavily featured on the main roster during the latter part of it.

Maddox also revealed that he had a s*x addiction that made him lose focus on his WWE career back then.

"I was one of those stories where they just kind of lost their way. I got caught up in some things. Now, I'm sure you know the news. It's fairly old at this point, right? Yeah, some stuff leaks, but it was kind of that time period. So, I had a p*rn addiction. Then that cascaded into a s*x addiction, and that was a whole thing for me. That was just very mind-consuming."


Brad Maddox has been away from the limelight since his WWE release. One wonders where he would have been today if it hadn't been for that unfortunate incident in 2015 that resulted in his firing.

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