Former WWE star Taryn Terrell talks about her return to wrestling

Taryn Terrell, who previously wrestled in WWE and TNA, is back in as an announcer for the NWA
Taryn Terrell, who previously wrestled in WWE and TNA, is back in as an announcer for the NWA

Taryn Terrell, who appeared in WWE as Tiffany, gave an interesting interview discussing why she left the business and what led to her return with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Terrell's WWE tenure began with Florida Championship Wrestling, the precursor to NXT, in 2008. She would go on to perform on the ECW, RAW and SmackDown brands before being released two years later. After her run ended, she moved onto IMPACT for a few years. She won the Knockouts title before eventually fading away from the world of sports entertainment.

In a recent conversation with Scott Fishman of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Terrell discussed a wide variety of topics, including why she originally left and what made her decide to come back. She said a big part of what led her to return as an announcer for Billy Corgan's NWA was The Smashing Pumpkins front man himself.

“I think it was fun because I have worked with Billy Corgan before at IMPACT, and he was there while I was doing The Dollhouse,” Terrell said. “So I had kind of gotten to know him. I had met him a very, very long time ago with (WWE Superstar) Nattie Neidhart. We had gone to a Smashing Pumpkins concert, and so she was friends with him. So hearing that he had taken and bought this company, which obviously has so much history, was such a cool and unique opportunity that I was like, you know what, how fun would that be to be a part of?"
Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell had a killer Last Knockout Standing match 9 years ago today at Slammiversary 2013.

Terrell said she had some jitters because she had only appeared sparingly over the course of many years.

After a while, the former WWE Diva Search contestant said that it all eventually clicked

Terrell explained how her journey at NWA came about and how she initially didn't know whether it'd be long term or just an appearance.

"So I ended up getting a call a couple of months, probably before I started there. And I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something long-term or just sort of an appearance. They didn’t really explain that to me. And so I was like, alright, let’s go and see what it’s about."

The former WWE Superstar recalled how she felt on her first night back and that she needed to remember who she is was as an entertainer.

"And I’ll tell you what, after that weekend, I was on cloud nine because it was the first time that I could say — well, now it took me a second. It took me a whole night because they put me on commentary on the first night, and I was like, gosh, do I know who I am as a wrestler and as an entertainer still, because it’s been a while, do I remember how to do this?"
Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell in the same ring brings back great memories

Terrell ended off by explaining that once it all came back to her, everything was fine. Just like riding a bicycle, she was back in her professional wrestling comfort zone. While it wasn't quite like the glitz and glamour of WWE, the former superstar said she relished the experience and considered it a bit like a wrestling reunion.

The former TNA Knockouts division champion is slated to appear for the National Wrestling Alliance at Alwayz Ready on June 11th.

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