Former WWE Superstar CM Punk takes a shot at John Cena

CM Punk and John Cena
CM Punk and John Cena
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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk has seemingly taken a shot at his longtime on-screen rival, John Cena, over the latter's recent Taiwan comments.

John Cena received major backlash from people in China after referring to Taiwan as a country while promoting the F9 movie. During his interview with Taiwanese network TVBS, the former WWE Champion stated Taiwan would be the first country to watch his upcoming film.

John Cena then apologized for his remarks by saying that he made a mistake and he loves and respects China and its people.

CM Punk, however, decided to have some fun at the expense of the former WWE Champion. The Straight Edge Superstar shared a tweet announcing that he has a new Twitter bio.

The bio contains the words "Taiwan is country", which was a dig directed at John Cena.

Punk has got one over his arch-rival with this move
Punk has got one over his arch-rival with this move

Punk himself was called out by several wrestling fans a couple of weeks ago after he referred to Africa as a country. The former WWE Superstar was responding to a fan who asked him which country he'd love to wrestle in during one of his Q&A sessions on Twitter.

CM Punk reiterated by saying that he knows Africa is a continent and he was simply referring to all of the countries in it.

CM Punk's rivalry with John Cena in WWE was one of the best feuds in modern wrestling

This feud was fire!
This feud was fire!

CM Punk's rivalry with John Cena in 2011 was a very memorable affair. The feud also gave birth to the infamous Pipebomb promo from The Voice of the Voiceless. The two stars had their long-awaited match for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank which fell on the day CM Punk's contract with WWE was set to expire.

The match received a lot of praise from fans and critics. The image of Punk leaving the arena with the title is considered to be one of the iconic moments in WWE history.

Outside of the ring, however, John Cena and CM Punk had zero animosity for each other.

Did you know a major backstage fight erupted during WrestleMania 32? More details right here.

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