Former WWE Superstar Lana set for interesting new career path

CJ Perry
CJ Perry has been making the most of her time away from professional wrestling.

Lana hasn't been part of WWE for quite some time but she's doing quite well for herself without it.

CJ Perry was released from WWE in June of 2021, ending an eight-year run with the company. Since her departure, the former WWE Superstar has been focused on her career in Hollywood, appearing in movies over the past couple of years.

Now it's time for the former Total Divas star to re-enter the world of reality television later this month.

Lana took to social media to plug her latest endeavor as part of the new season of The Surreal Life that premieres Monday, October 24, on VH1:

"My real life just got surreal. And I say things I never thought I would. Like Denis' rod, man. Every single day. Check out the premier of #TheSurrealLife on MONDAY OCT 24 at 9/8c on @VH1 *explosion emoji* @SurrealLifeVH1," CJ Perry said in a tweet.
My real life just got surreal. And I saw things I never thought I would. Like Denis' rod, man. Every single day. Check out the premier of #TheSurrealLife on MONDAY OCT 24 at 9/8c on @VH1! πŸ’₯ @SurrealLifeVH1

Could Lana eventually join her husband Miro in All Elite Wrestling?

While CJ Perry has kept herself busy in Hollywood since her WWE release, several fans are hopeful that we'll see her return to the ring in the near future.

Lana's husband Miro (formerly known as Rusev) currently competes for All Elite Wrestling. Many have expected her to make her debut there, but it has yet to happen.

During a recent interview with Last Word on Pro Wrestling, Perry was asked about the potential of her returning to the world of wrestling with AEW. She teased that it might be a possibility:

β€œI truly believe Miro and I are a great package, wherever we go,” CJ Perry said. β€œWe both love, above anything else in wrestling, the storytelling aspect of it. We have had a great run in WWE, and I enjoy watching Miro wrestle today, just as I used to do back then. Joining him again, wherever he goes wrestling is certainly an enticing offer for me. So, that’s why if I was to go there it would be about timing and story. I know we could add a lot to an already amazing show. It could happen next week or it could never happen. People will just have to wait to find out. And that is the best part about this business.”
Our own Vedant Dasgupta sat down with @TheCJPerry for an exclusive interview. Read here:…

What are your thoughts on Lana taking part in another reality show? Did you enjoy her time on Total Divas? Do you think we'll see her pop up in All Elite Wrestling eventually? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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