Former WWE Superstar Paige attempts to clear any confusion about her identity

Former inaugural NXT Women's Champion Paige

Former WWE Superstar Paige attempted to clear up any confusion from fans with regard to her identity on social media.

Paige's run in WWE as a wrestler was cut-short in 2018 due to an unexpected neck injury. She departed from the company after her contract expired on July 7th, 2022.

The multi-time Women's champion recently changed her Twitter handle to her real name 'Saraya'. The former Divas Champion felt some fans may be confused on realizing that this is her official Twitter handle.

Thus, she changed the headline on her Twitter profile and tweeted out mentioning the same.

"My new twitter header should avoid any confusion," Paige tweeted.
My new twitter header should avoid any confusion

Check out a screenshot of her Twitter page below:

The multi-time Women's Champion changed her Twitter handle to her real name 'Saraya'
The multi-time Women's Champion changed her Twitter handle to her real name 'Saraya'

Fans react to Paige's tweet

Fans thanked the former Divas Champion for clearing the confusion, but at the same time, there were some who felt that she did not need to clear up any confusion.

Fans were glad that she was finally able to change her Twitter handle to her real name.

@Saraya So happy for you that you were able to finally change it 😊
@Dallas0410 @Saraya She IS GOIN BY HER REAL NAME NOW. She just letting ppl know this bout the header just so they won’t b confused.

Some fans felt this was unnecessary and she should have just gone with her real name from the beginning.

@Saraya I found a little bit stupid that they force you to change your name Because to me You get part of the family once You are part of the wwe family forever
@Saraya Why even put that? Just go by your real name

Fans also reminded her of her opening line, "Paige here," and said that they can hear her banner photo speaking the same.

@Saraya Teacher: "You cannot hear a picture! It's impossible!"The Picture:
@Saraya I can still hear that image

A fan mentioned that it would take some time for them to get used to and suggested a different handle.

@Saraya thats gonna take some getting use to why not @paigenomore or @theformerpaige

Some fans have begun to predict what the next chapter will be for the multi-time WWE Women's Champion.

@Saraya I’m guessing that’s where your heading next?
@Saraya I hope your next comeback is amazing #sikedforsaraya
@Saraya bro just ask Triple H to come back.It's probably just that simple

This fan asked others to stop asking Saraya to return to pro wrestling.

@Saraya I'm happy for you. Will take a minute to still not call you paige...but it's ok. And to all saying she's going anywhere, she doesn't need too. Between twitch, onlyfans and her man, she don't need wrestling

The former NXT Women's Champion is currently active on social media platforms and streaming on Twitch. She has not confirmed what her next venture outside WWE will be, and only time will tell if she signs with another pro wrestling company.

What is your favorite memory of Saraya? Share them in the comments section below.

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