Former WWE Superstar posts video of an old woman trying to attack Hulk Hogan in response to fan

Hulk Hogan was the leader of the nWo in WCW
Hulk Hogan was the leader of the nWo in WCW

Ex-WWE Superstar Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) came up with a very clever response to a fan who jokingly took a shot at him on social media for having such a dark tan.

Cardona has had quite a run since his WWE departure in 2020. He had a brief stint in AEW before winning over the hearts of the hardcore fans by winning the GCW Championship in a deathmatch against Nick Gage. His success would only continue as he captured the IMPACT Digital Media Championship and the prestigious NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Speaking of the NWA...Cardona released a video hyping up his contract signing with current world champion Tyrus ahead of their showdown at the Nuff Said event. When a fan took a jab at him for having a thick tan, Cardona responded by posting a gif of a very tan Hollywood Hulk Hogan from his run in WCW.

The clip shows an old woman trying to attack the Hulkster, but her arms just aren't long enough.

Matt Cardona has been teasing a WWE return

While Matt Cardona is killing it around the industry, he has expressed interest in a WWE return. A few hours before Saturday's Royal Rumble, the former United States Champion posted a poll on Twitter about which theme song he should use for his return.

Cardona may not be back in the Stamford-based company, but his wife, the great Chelsea Green, is. She returned as a surprise entrant in the Women's Rumble on Saturday, then set a new record by being eliminated in under five seconds. Green's new persona, as someone who complains a lot, was heavily featured on last night's Raw.

Would you like to see Matt Cardona back with the Stamford-based promotion, or do you prefer him to enjoy his success elsewhere? Gives us your full thoughts in the comments below.

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