"They really looked out for me" - Former WWE Tag Team Champion praises Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Cliff Compton - better known to WWE fans as Domino from the tag team 'Deuce 'n Domino' - has praised Paul London and Brian Kendrick for helping him when he and his partner moved to WWE's main roster.

In a recent interview with Lucha Libre Online, the former WWE Tag Team Champion spoke very highly of Paul London & Brian Kendrick and it was clear he was very appreciative of the team for dropping the WWE Tag Team Championships to Deuce 'n Domino so early in their main roster run.

Here's what Domino had to say about Paul London & Brian Kendrick:

"So to wrestle with Kendrick and London... I thought it was such a good dynamic because they were these clean-cut guys and we were the thugs. Winning the titles was a little moment that I'll never forget. It was pretty early. It was three months in and I was very grateful that Brian and Paul were so helpful in the early days. Because some of the early matches it takes a while to get used to your opponents. We worked a lot of Live Events or house shows with them and I would work with Paul and Brian a lot. Not just in the ring. I would talk to them in the back and they really looked out for me and wanted me to succeed. Which sometimes in that business, that doesn't happen a lot. But I was always grateful for Paul and Brian being so good to me and willing to put us over for the (WWE) Tag Team titles because, yes, they had the longest reign. I don't know. I think it's been broken since then, but at the time it was a big deal."

Vince McMahon wanted Deuce 'n Domino to be "Brawlers" rather than "Wrestlers"


During the same interview, Domino would describe his conversation with Vince McMahon, where the WWE Chairman laid out his vision for how the tag team should work in the ring. He believed they would be suited to being "Brawlers" rather than flashy wrestlers:

"You guys are Brawlers. You kick, punch, you rake the eyes"

Deuce 'n Domino would win the WWE Tag Team Championships from Paul London & Brian Kendrick in April 2007, before being released by the company in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

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