"I don’t know whose fault this is" - Former WWE writer blasts recent booking of Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan
Morgan's WWE booking has left a lot to be desired as of late.

Liv Morgan's recent booking as the SmackDown Women's Champion has drawn a lot of criticism from the WWE Universe.

The booking of Morgan's match against Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam created a lot of unhappiness amongst the champion's fanbase. It also caused the crowd at SmackDown following SummerSlam to turn on her during her in-ring promo.

On the latest episode of Wrestling with Freddie, when the booking of SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan was brought up. Freddie Prinze Jr. said he doesn't know whose fault it is, but he's never seen someone have to play such a weak champion.

“I don’t know whose fault this is,” Freddie Prinze Jr. began. “Hear me out on this. I’ve never seen someone have to play a weak champion. Someone who tapped out to get the belt, but remains a babyface. Has to protect her arm, it’s almost not even playing injured, it’s like, scared and frail and weak. The stuff with Shayna made her look like a punk – and she’s the champion!"
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Freddie Prinze Jr. offers advice on how to fix Liv Morgan's current character

Since he's worked in the creative department for WWE before, Freddie Prinze Jr. wasn't going to leave these critiques without a solution.

Freddie suggested that instead of being booked as weak and scared, Liv Morgan should be booked as a defiant and brave champion instead.

“Don’t look scared. Look defiant," Freddie Prinze Jr. said. "That should be the note, you know, when Shayna is like, ‘I’m gonna break your hand,’ she should be looking at her like, ‘Do it. Do it now and just get it over with and then we’ll see if you even get a match.' [Show] something. Some kind of bravery, courage, something, because everything else has been weird. I’ve never seen a weak babyface champion.” [H/T: SEScoops]
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What do you make of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s comments on the SmackDown Women's Champion's booking? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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