Former WWE writer takes a shot at Gunther's RAW appearance; blames producer for poorly executed segment (Exclusive)

Gunther is the new King of the Ring winner
Gunther is the new King of the Ring winner

Former WWE writer Vince Russo spoke about the opening segment of RAW this week featuring Gunther. The Ring General recently won the King of the Ring tournament after defeating Randy Orton in the finals.

This week, Ludwig Kaiser introduced the new King of the Ring winner. Gunther walked out and then cut a promo on how no one in WWE is on his level. He recalled how he restored prestige to the Intercontinental Championship and is now the new King of the Ring. He even fired shots at Damian Priest for taking a shortcut to become the champion.

This week on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Russo mentioned that the promo segments on RAW were going on too long. He picked up the opening segment of the show as an example. The former writer detailed that the show opened with the Ring General, and then we had the likes of Damian Priest, Drew McIntyre, and even Braun Strowman come out. He felt it was awkward how the stars walked out of the ring after their lines were done.

"These promos are going way too long, there's a lot of awkward moments, they don't know how to get out of them. We had this promo here where we had Gunther, then we had Drew, and then we had Braun Strowman come out. Gunther awkwardly leaves, then Damian Priest leaves. They're in-rings and this is on the producer. " [8:25 onwards]

It seems like Damian Preist is already building to a blockbuster rivalry with the Ring General. However, this could change very quickly if Drew McIntyre picks up a win at Clash at the Castle.

It will be interesting to see who remains the World Heavyweight Champion heading into SummerSlam.

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