Further details on WWE legend Virgil's declining health reported

The veteran would be Ted DiBiase's right-hand man in the WWE from 1986 to 1991
The veteran would be Ted DiBiase's right-hand man in the WWE from 1986 to 1991

New reports on former WWE star Virgil's declining health have come to the fore.

The former star, who rose to fame as the bodyguard of WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase, recently revealed that he is battling stage two colon cancer and dementia. As bad as this news sounds, there is even more the veteran is suffering from.

Slam Wrestling recently reported from Virgil's roommate, Shawn Raneri, that the former Million Dollar Champion also suffered two minor strokes and has lost most of the feeling in both of his arms. Raneri also stated that the veteran spends most of his time at home watching television.

The report also stated that Ted DiBiase, one of the former star's closest friends and colleagues, is hardly ever in touch with the former Million Dollar Champion.

"Unfortunately, DiBiase, nor any of the others Virgil speaks exceedingly highly of โ€“ including Tito Santana and Rick Martel โ€“ check in on their friend. The years of Walter Mitty-esque lies have clearly taken their toll on many of the wrestlers who knew Virgil. Raneri says Jones was a talented defensive back for Division 2 college, Virginia Union, and he hears from those teammates more often than the wrestlers," the report stated. [H/T Slam Wrestling]

Virgil would find some success in WWE and WCW after the split from Ted DiBiase

One of the biggest storylines of 1991 was when the former WWE star grew tired of being treated poorly by Ted DiBiase. The henchman finally had enough and hit DiBiase with his own Million Dollar Championship at the 1991 Royal Rumble. He spent the rest of the year feuding with the Hall of Famer.

The former Million Dollar Champion would have various feuds as a singles superstar up until he left WWE in 1995 to join WCW a year later.

His biggest move since the Ted DiBiase feud came within WCW when, as Vincent, he joined the nWo. The former WWE star remained with the company up until 2000.

The former Million Dollar Champion reprised his role as a bodyguard for one final time on the May 17, 2010, episode of RAW when he came out with Ted DiBiase Jr. He also appeared in All Elite Wrestling as an associate of Chris Jericho.

From everyone at Sportskeeda, we would like to wish Virgil a healthy recovery.

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