Former Women's Champion questions Mia Yim's involvement in a WWE storyline

Mia Yim was named Reckoning while in Retribution!
Mia Yim was named Reckoning while in Retribution!
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Former WWE Superstar Gail Kim recently spoke about whether or not Mia Yim was the right person to be in the anti-establishment stable, Retribution.

In 2020, under the leadership of Mustafa Ali, Retribution tried to run roughshod over the rest of the WWE roster. While invading faction storylines tend to be popular with fans, the group never managed to reach its potential. One performer who joined the group was Yim, who donned a black facemask under the name Reckoning.

Speaking on AdFree Shows, Kim said she reached out to Yim while in Retribution to see how she liked the new gimmick:

"I knew [Mia Yim] was kind of doing the whole Retribution thing there and had a mask on her,” Kim stated. “You know, knowing Mia all those years and working with her, I knew, ‘Well, this isn’t really her and I wonder if she’s happy.’ And so, I just reached out to her and reassured her, ‘Hey, don’t forget how talented you are if you’re just sitting there.'" (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

Check out the full conversation below:


Retribution didn't last long as many of the group members, including Yim, were released by WWE.

Mia Yim struggled with her mask in Retribution

When she debuted as part of Retribution, Mia Yim looked unrecognizable in her new role, most notably in her facemask.

During a virtual signing with Highspots Wrestling Network, Yim stated that she struggled to breathe while wrestling with the mask on:

"But this [RECKONING mask] wasn't really – it was very difficult to breathe and if this (…) the biggest concern was, like, not that I didn’t like it, but if I got kicked in the face and the ends poked out from the back, I could have got stabbed in the face. But, you know, they didn’t care about that so…" (H/T: Post Wrestling)

Mia Yim's time as Reckoning ended in 2021. She was drafted from SmackDown to RAW, where she then began wrestling as herself again.

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