"I speared him and knocked myself out" - Goldberg on the injury he sustained against WWE Hall of Famer

WCW and WWE legend Bill Goldberg
WCW and WWE legend Bill Goldberg

Goldberg has used the spear on hundreds of opponents throughout his career, but one particular spear stands out as the most memorable.

At Halloween Havoc 1998, the two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion defeated Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) in the main event. The 10-minute contest was among the longest of his career up until that point. It also featured a scary moment where the former football player knocked himself out while delivering a spear.

Speaking on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, the 55-year-old chose the match against DDP as his favorite. He also reflected on the unfortunate injury he suffered during the grueling encounter.

“I’m pretty proud of that one, man,” Goldberg said. “I speared him and knocked myself out, then I was able to get him up in the jackhammer and finish the match off. I think for that reason alone… that and I pretty much dispelled the rumor that I couldn’t go more than two minutes in the ring. It [match duration] was completely dependent on who was leading me.”
Is Goldberg vs DDP at Halloween Havoc 1998 the best Match Goldberg has ever had?

The WCW icon began his career with a series of quick victories against lesser opponents. While many fans enjoyed those matches, some questioned whether he was physically capable of competing longer than a few minutes.

DDP wanted Goldberg to hit him with a record number of spears

MATCH OF THE DAY Goldberg vs DDPHalloween Havoc 98. Such a good match. Crowd was so in to this match. DDP was so over. The Jackhammer reversal into a Diamond Cutter is still one of my favorite spots. Come at my Goldberg haters. Go back and check it out

It is not uncommon for Goldberg to land more than one spear during a match or segment. However, he has never hit the move on someone as many as 14 times in the same match.

DDP initially wanted his friend and fellow WWE Hall of Famer to reach that number at Halloween Havoc 1998. He also handed his opponent a list of notes before their main-event battle.

“Unbeknownst to the public, I didn’t have to give the 14 spears that Dallas actually wanted me to give him in the 40-page dissertation of a match that he handed me!” Goldberg added.

The two-time Universal Champion also spoke in the interview about the difficulties he faced as a former WCW wrestler when he joined WWE in 2003.

Who performs the best spear in wrestling today? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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