"He is going to do well like you did Kurt" - Randy Orton backs current WWE superstar for major success

Randy Orton and Kurt Angle.
Randy Orton and Kurt Angle.
Lennard Surrao

Kurt Angle welcomed his first-ever guest on 'The Kurt Angle Show,' and it was none other than Randy Orton, who isn't known for his podcast appearances. Orton, as expected, was quite engaging as he spoke about several topics during the long episode.

The Legend Killer talked about Matt Riddle, having recently formed an alliance with The Original Bro on RAW.

Orton praised the former UFC star and felt that Riddle always goes the extra mile in the ring.

Randy Orton said Matt Riddle reminded him of Kurt Angle. The Olympic gold medalist also agreed with the comparisons, keeping in mind their intense in-ring styles.

Orton: "In the ring, he goes. He goes! He reminds me of you. He reminds me of you."
Angle: "He is intense; yeah, he is really intense!"

"He can do it all" - Randy Orton's opinion of Matt Riddle


Randy Orton explained that he personally likes to take his time during matches and get a feel for the proceedings before changing gears. However, Orton said that Riddle operated differently and could do it all in the ring.

The Viper enjoyed Riddle's recent series of matches with Sheamus. Although they didn't follow Randy Orton's classic in-ring approach, he still loved watching the action unfold between two hard-hitting wrestlers.

Orton was confident that Riddle would also be successful in WWE, just like Kurt Angle.

"Yeah, he goes! He doesn't, you know, I'll kind of navigate the waters and take my time sometimes, like, that dude, he can do it all," Orton said. "He busts his a** in that ring. Some of the matches he has had with Sheamus, umm, have just been, it's not my style of the match I like to have, but the Riddle-Sheamus matches I've seen as of late have been amazing, you know. I think he is going to do quite well. He is going to well like you did, Kurt. I think he took to everything really well. Yeah, big time."

Randy Orton also spoke about Riddle's hilarious onscreen character and the backstage reaction to a recent botch on RAW. You can read that story HERE.

Do you agree with Randy Orton's assessment of Riddle? Sound off in the comments section below.

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