"He kicked him in the head" - John Cena once legitimately broke his rival's neck, admits former WWE star

John Cena will appear on the final SmackDown episode of 2022.
John Cena will appear on the final SmackDown episode of 2022

John Cena has had a reputation for being a safe worker, but even The Cenation Leader was involved in a few unfortunate accidents early on in his WWE career. Rene Dupree recently opened up about one such instance from 2004 when Cena legitimately broke former WWE star Aaron Aguilera's neck.

Under the ring name 'Jesús,' Aguilera was pushed as the kayfabe bodyguard of Carlito. He was even booked to attack John Cena in an angle to write the superstar off TV to film The Marine.

John Cena was the United States Champion at the time and defended his title against Aaron Aguilera at Armageddon '04 in a Street Fight. While Aguilera reportedly walked into the match with a few preexisting injuries, his night got worse after he hurt his neck during the loss to John Cena.

Rene Dupree recalled that John Cena's kick caused the injury that put Aguilera on the sidelines for several months. Here's what Dupree revealed on his Cafe de Rene show:

"Jesús! For those who don't remember, he was Carlito's bodyguard, and Cena broke his neck, actually. There was a spot where he kicked him in the head that legitimately broke his neck. I felt bad for him because, like, he broke his neck, he was out for like five or six months, and he was from San Diego." [0:15 - 0:41]

Rene Dupree on Vince McMahon firing former WWE star Aaron Aguilera

The man formerly known as Jesús unfortunately never recovered from his injury setback, as he was released from the company before he made his return.

Aaron Aguilera was ousted from WWE in April 2005, and Rene Dupree revealed the incident that got him fired in the first place. Aguilera apparently arrived at a SmackDown taping in his hometown of San Diego, hoping that he would get to make his on-screen comeback.

Dupree noted that the superstar made the mistake of dressing up in his full gear, which seemed to have enraged Vince McMahon. The former WWE CEO allegedly fired Aguilera that night, as Rene added below:

"There was some SmackDown taping in San Diego, and you know those ridiculous overhauls that he would wear with the f**king super neo colors or whatever? So we're in f**king San Diego, and he shows up in his full gimmick, kind of like how the Highlanders would show up in their kilts in sh**. Well, he showed up in his full gimmick. Vince saw him and fired him [laughs]." [0:42 - 1:07]
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