"He doesn't know how to wrestle" – Former WWE star gets brutally honest about Shane McMahon

The 52-year-old last wrestled for WWE at Royal Rumble 2022.
The 52-year-old last wrestled for WWE at Royal Rumble 2022.

Shane McMahon had a reputation for his daredevil stunts in the ring. While fans enjoyed seeing him perform, Rene Dupree recently revealed why Shane O'Mac's style hurt the wrestling business.

Vince McMahon's son has not been seen in or around WWE since he was ousted after a controversial Royal Rumble event earlier this year. Shane McMahon was a part-time wrestler before his unceremonious exit and isn't expected to return to the ring anytime soon, even though Triple H is now in power.

Despite not being the most technically gifted in-ring worker, fans looked forward to watching Shane McMahon's matches as he often put his body on the line in dangerous highlight-reel moments.

While speaking on his YouTube channel Cafe de Rene, Rene Dupree claimed that Shane McMahon did not know how to wrestle and hot-shotted his way to a prominent position by regularly performing crowd-pleasing dives in his bouts.

Dupree even explained how Shane's approach towards wrestling negatively affected other talents:

"He doesn't know how to wrestle. He just knows how to do stunts, and doing all those crazy stunts, it actually hurts the business because you're hot-shotting it, right? So for him diving off the cage, yeah, he gets the pop, but that makes our job even harder to get a reaction. And he wrestles, what? Once a year on pay-per-view, right? I don't think he is even around anymore, right?" [0:06 - 0:44]

He has some type of mental health problem: Rene Dupree on Shane McMahon

Rene Dupree clarified that Shane was always good to him during their backstage interactions when he worked in WWE between 2002 and 2007.

The former WWE Superstar even recalled an earlier interview where Shane McMahon spoke about being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. McMahon grew up with the disorder and noted that it made him more hyper and irritable around others.

Dupree alluded to how the medical condition might have impacted McMahon's sporadic stint in the wrestling industry, as he added:

"I mean, he was always nice, but I think he definitely suffers from... I think he has actually admitted that he has some type of mental health problem. Yeah, like, I don't know if it's like ADHD or something." [1:17 - 1:40]

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