"He would have never in a million years laid down for me" - Former Champion recalls Triple H believing in lesser known gimmick

Triple H
Triple H is a former World Champion

D-Von Dudley recently recalled Triple H believing in his "reverend" gimmick.

After dominating the tag team division for years, The Dudley Boyz were finally split up in the 2002 WWE Draft. D-Von moved to SmackDown, while Bubba Ray Dudley moved to RAW.

This saw D-Von take on a villainous reverend character who acted as Vince McMahon's spiritual advisor. Although he was considered a tag team wrestler, D-Von enjoyed a pretty decent singles run, and he even beat some notable names, including Triple H.

During a recent episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, D-Von Dudley said that The King of Kings believed in his gimmick otherwise, he would've never laid down for him, considering the power he had backstage.

"If Triple H didn't believe that the Reverend D-Von gimmick was getting over the way it did. Then he would have never in a million years, especially at that time, laid down for me. He would have never let that happen and Hunter had a lot of power and a lot of say. So back then. I'm not gonna say even more than he does now. But he had a lot of say back then he had just married Stephanie you know him and Vince are so freakin tight, they're not butting heads or anything like that." [H/T Insight with Chris Van Vliet]

Seth Rollins is reportedly now Triple H's number-one guy

Given the power Triple H wields backstage, there are a lot of WWE Superstars who would want to be his top guy. However, someone has already filled that position.

According to a recent report from Boozer666 via Wrestling News.Co, Seth Rollins is listed internally as Hunter's number-one guy despite not holding a title in the company.

We will have to wait and see if being The Game's number-one guy will result in Rollins winning the new World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Do you think Seth Rollins will win at Night of Champions? Sound off in the comments section.

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