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"He's getting punished for it" - former WWE writer reveals possible reason why Elias isn't getting a push

Modified 30 Dec 2020, 01:38 IST

According to Vince Russo, WWE RAW Superstar Elias may be being punished for pitching his own ideas. Russo also spoke about why this could possibly be the case.

Vince Russo is a former writer for WWE and a former WCW executive. He also worked in creative for TNA Wrestling.

On the latest edition of SK Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Dr. Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo discussed how Elias has been booked recently in WWE. Vince Russo was baffled at how WWE has been booking Elias and presented a theory as to why. According to Russo, Elias is someone who thinks a lot about his character and pitches ideas. Vince Russo revealed how Elias contacted him while the latter was in NXT, asking Russo for pointers and picking his brain to help improve his character:

Elias is the kind of guy that pitches ideas. He's always thinking about his character and week after week pitching ideas, that's who Elias is. Bro, I'll be honest with you. Back when he was in NXT, I got a DM from him. I didn't even know who he was and he had to tell me who he was. Even then, he was picking my brain about his character.

Vince Russo opens up about how WWE is booking Elias and a possible reason behind it

Vince Russo went on to say that Elias pitching a lot of ideas may not be welcomed. He explained that this could be due to ego. Russo spoke about his own experience working with Raven back in the day and how Raven pitching his own storylines helped him out.

Vince Russo said that Elias may be getting punished for pitching his own ideas. He said that WWE Superstars usually smarten up to the fact that they could get punished for pitching their own ideas and they stop:

This is a guy who 24/7 is thinking about the Elias character. This is the guy ... he's pitching them ideas, emailing them ideas. Bro, they don't like that, which is absolute insanity. That's ego. All that is ego because if a guy is putting that much effort in, rather than embrace him, you're gonna screw him? Bro, the whole mentality is so whacked. I worked with Raven. I reveled with guys like that. While I'm thinking of what a roster of 80 guys are gonna do, they're thinking about just them. The odds are they're going to come up with something for them better than I can because I'm thinking of 80 guys. So of course when they pitch me something I'm listening. Now it's opposite bro. The fact that he's [Elias] pitching, he's getting punished for it. That's what usually happens bro. Then the guys smarten up to it so they keep their mouths shut and then we're stuck in that spot for the next five years. It happens to so many people.

Elias faced AJ Styles in a singles match on RAW. He lost the match despite having Jaxson Ryker with him at ringside.

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Published 30 Dec 2020, 01:38 IST
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