"He's not a tough guy" - Mustafa Ali is an unlikable WWE Superstar, claims veteran (Exclusive)

Mustafa Ali lost to Bobby Lashley on Monday Night RAW.
Mustafa Ali lost to Bobby Lashley on Monday Night RAW.

Mustafa Ali had another forgettable RAW as he suffered a one-sided loss to Bobby Lashley in the evening's opening match. Vince Russo recently explained why the 36-year-old superstar has struggled to get over as a babyface.

Russo put the onus on WWE and their booking of Mustafa Ali, which had unfortunately made the talented wrestler unlikeable on TV despite being presented as a face.

On the latest Legion of RAW episode, the former WWE writer claimed that the company had given fans no concrete reason to get behind Ali:

"Here is the problem, and bro, this is common sense we're talking about, Chris. There is no reason to like Ali. No reason whatsoever! And I'll tell you why," said Russo. [13:12-13:27]

Vince Russo didn't miss the chance to reference Sylvester Stallone's Rocky as he spoke about how the iconic character was portrayed during the first installment of the movie series.

He highlighted the difference in size between Bobby Lashley and Mustafa Ali and revealed one glaring mistake from the writing team.

"Rocky is going up against Apollo Creed, and all Rocky is saying is 'I just want to go the distance. He is the greatest in the world, he is Apollo Creed; I just want to go the distance.' Bro, the problem is, you've got Ali, who is half the size of Lashley, coming out like a tough guy. He is coming out like a tough guy, and he's not a tough guy," the veteran added. [13:32 - 14:00]

You can view Sportskeeda's post-RAW show below:


Vince Russo on the possible reason for Mustafa Ali's underwhelming WWE booking

Vince Russo was the creative head during a time when WWE produced some of its greatest babyfaces. Top wrestling protagonists rarely looked weak against physically larger opponents as they gained the audience's sympathy despite getting beaten down for most of the match.

The ultimate show of resilience catapulted many superstars to the next level in the eyes of fans, but WWE has not gotten the desired outcome in Mustafa Ali's case.

Vince Russo raised questions about WWE's utilization of Mustafa Ali and whether he was deliberately being held back by the company.

"If it were more sympathetic, 'bro, you can beat me and beat me and beat me, but I'm going to keep coming back. I ain't staying down, Bobby; I'm going to keep coming at you.' But no, bro. He is coming out as a tough guy, which is laughable, which is why these people want to see him get his can kicked. Either creative doesn't have a clue, or they are doing it purposely; it's one of the two," the veteran said. [14:01 - 14:32]

Vince McMahon reportedly rejected Mustafa Ali's public request for a WWE release in January 2022, following which the former RETRIBUTION Leader was kept off TV for nearly three months.

Ali has received on-screen opportunities under Triple H's regime, but it seems like he is still looking for a breakthrough moment to get his WWE career back on track.

What are your thoughts on Mustafa Ali's recent booking? Share them in the comments section below.

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