"He verbally ribbed everybody" - Kurt Angle reveals how a former WWE Champion actually was backstage

Kurt Angle shared his thoughts on former WWE Champion JBL.
Kurt Angle shared his thoughts on former WWE Champion JBL.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle and host Conrad Thompson returned for another edition of 'The Kurt Angle Show' on AdFreeShows.com. The recent episode was a continuation of last week's show focusing on Kurt Angle's rookie year in the WWE.

The Olympic gold medalist was asked if he was ribbed backstage in WWE, and Thompson would end up mentioning JBL's name.

For those who aren't familiar, ribs are just friendly taunts. WWE Superstars are known for verbal ribbing. They enjoy getting involved in some friendly banter while on the road or inside the locker room.

The former WWE Champion has been accused of backstage bullying over the years, but Kurt Angle explained that the former WWE Champion just verbally teased everyone. It's a known fact that many wrestlers physically ribbed other talents and some of the pranks were just unwanted.

Kurt Angle explained that JBL never indulged in drastic ribs. According to the Olympic Gold Medallist, the former WWE Champion was always vocal, and his ribs were usually quite harmless.

While Angle admitted that JBL was 'a bit of a bully', the Olympic hero also noted that Bradshaw didn't intend to hurt or offend anyone.

"JBL just, he verbally ribbed everybody. He didn't do a lot of ribs, but he was very vocal, and you know, he was a bit of a bully. I mean, He's harmless; he doesn't mean to be offensive," said Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle explains why JBL's backstage ribbing wasn't a bad thing


Kurt Angle added that JBL's personality is such that he felt the need to pick on someone. Angle personally found the former WWE Champion really entertaining, and his ribs weren't a bad thing to experience on the road.

Angle said that ribbing incidents actually made traveling much more fun and tolerable.

"He just has that personality, where, you know, he needs to rib on someone, pick on someone, about something, you know, he was entertaining though. It wasn't really a bad thing. It was actually a good thing that he did. It made our days on the road a lot more entertaining that he was ribbing people," said Kurt Angle.

Thompson would chime in and highlight that the locker room always has a few talents that love to bust everyone's b***s. Angle admitted that JBL was undoubtedly one of those guys.

"He is the one guy that is going to bust everybody's ba**. Yes (laughs)."

JBL, as noted above, has attracted a lot of heat throughout his career for allegedly being a bully backstage. Kurt Angle, however, has a different perception of his former WWE colleague's personality behind the scenes.

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