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How The Undertaker reacted to Vince McMahon's newly proposed character revealed

The Undertaker and the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
The Undertaker and the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Modified 11 Nov 2020, 22:32 IST

The Undertaker was recently interviewed by Sony Sports on Extraaa Dhamaal, where he spoke about various aspects of his WWE career. One of the topics that he opened up on was about Vince McMahon proposing the idea of The Undertaker character to him in the first place, and he revealed how he reacted there.

Readers can catch the full interview with The Undertaker here.

The Undertaker reveals his reaction to Vince McMahon's pitch for his character

The WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is known for being one of the top minds in the world of wrestling. During his interview with Sony Sports, The Undertaker revealed that the WWE Chairman presented him with the Undertaker character. He was first given the name of the character before getting the visual idea of what the character would look like.

"Almost immediately, yeah. When Vince presented that to me, he basically showed me The Undertaker. He gave me the name and he showed me the storyboard and the drawings of the character. Immediately, I was mesmerized. I was like, this is so different from what anyone else has done, just visually. Not even getting into the character aspects of it. Then when he kind of gave me what he thought The Undertaker was, I was like, yeah, I like it. I like it a lot."

The Undertaker went on to add that the more that he worked on his character, the more he was immersed into it. He admitted that was one of the reasons that his more open 'The Last Ride' documentary on the WWE Network surprised people.

"The more I started to develop the character, the more and more I became that guy. And you can attest to this, the more you take on a role, you become that. And I think it's why it comes off so genuine to people. I think it's why people were so shocked when I did The Last Ride documentary, as they got to see a whole another person that they didn't even really know existed. Yeah, they thought it, but most people were like, 'Hmmm no, that's The Undertaker. I'm not going to look him in the eye, because he may not like it.'"

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The Undertaker opened up on various other aspects of his career as well. The Deadman will be appearing at WWE's Survivor Series event for his final farewell.

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Published 11 Nov 2020, 22:32 IST
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