"How did Vince f**k this up?"- Ex-WWE star reacts to AEW All Out

Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole, and Vince McMahon
Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole, and Vince McMahon

Former WWE Superstar Virgil put up a tweet slamming Vince McMahon following AEW All Out.

At the buzzworthy show, two former WWE Superstars made their debuts. Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan are both officially All Elite, and the news has taken wrestling Twitter by storm.

WWE veteran Virgil had an interesting reaction to tonight's All Out pay-per-view. He decided to bash WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in his tweet while reacting to the pay-per-view. Check out the screengrab of Virgil's tweet below:

Virgil has some harsh words for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Virgil has some harsh words for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

Both Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole had successful stints in WWE

Daniel Bryan's career in WWE was nothing short of a fairytale that saw him go through several ups and downs. Bryan was a mid-card act for a while before he turned into a major fan-favorite wrestler. His immense popularity resulted in a WWE World Championship win in the main event of WrestleMania XXX in 2014.

Bryan's WWE retirement in 2016 left his fans in tears, but he ended up making a miraculous return two years later.

As for Adam Cole, he will be remembered as one of the greatest heels to ever grace the NXT ring. Cole is a former NXT Champion, and he was a big reason why fans tuned into NXT every week during his run at the top.

Virgil is someone who doesn't mince his words and is a well-liked figure in the wrestling world. He has spoken about Vince McMahon in the past, and the legend had major praise for the WWE Chairman.

“He cares about his talent and he’s got a great work ethic and does things right," said Virgil. "He wants you to be on time and have Part A and Part B did right, so when you work for someone, you have to come on time and be there and do everything right."

Virgil couldn't help but speak up tonight though, after seemingly enjoying the AEW All Out event. Do you side with Virgil here? Were Bryan and Cole underutilized while they were in WWE? Sound off with your comments below!

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