"I ain't wrestling him again" - WWE Hall of Famer stopped trusting Scott Steiner after suplex botch

Scott Steiner worked for WCW between 1989-1992 and 1996-2001
Scott Steiner worked for WCW between 1989-1992 and 1996-2001
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WWE Hall of Famer Greg Valentine has revealed he never trusted Scott Steiner again following a botched suplex in one of their matches.

In 1992, Valentine faced Rick and Scott Steiner at several WCW events. On one occasion, Scott Steiner hit Valentine with an Olympic-style suplex, almost causing him to suffer a serious neck injury.

Speaking to Title Match Network, Valentine said he did not want to work with Scott Steiner again after the incident.

“I gave him my back and he abused it, so I never trusted him again. But thank God we didn’t have to wrestle them very many times. I b****ed about it to somebody. I said, ‘Don’t ever f***ing… I ain’t wrestling him again.’ But I think we did wrestle him again, but I never let him behind me. You’re not getting behind me, Scott, sorry,” said Valentine.

Greg Valentine and Terry Taylor lost a WCW World Tag Team Championship match against Rick and Scott Steiner at a live event in June 1992. Valentine and Dick Slater went on to lose to The Steiner Brothers eight times at WCW live events in August and September 1992 [H/T Cagematch].

Scott Steiner apologized to Greg Valentine

Greg Valentine is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion
Greg Valentine is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion

Greg Valentine said Rick Steiner was a “really nice guy” who looked out for him after the suplex botch.

Although Scott Steiner apologized to Valentine, the 2004 WWE Hall of Fame inductee was wary of working with him again.

“I got f***ing p****d and I told him I was p****d,” Valentine added. “And his brother, what’s his name? Rick. I heard him. He said, ‘What the f*** you doing? Don’t hurt the guys like that.’ He saw that he hurt me. So he [Scott Steiner] apologized to me after the match, but I never let him go behind me again. F*** that. I never trusted him. He almost broke my neck.”

Greg Valentine said Scott Steiner would likely have beaten him in an Olympic-style wrestling match. However, he felt that the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion needed to be more careful in the ring.

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