"I am so confident" - Tiffany Stratton opens up on her quick success in WWE

Tiffany Stratton moved to the main roster earlier this year
Tiffany Stratton moved to the main roster earlier this year [Image credit: wwe.com]

Tiffany Stratton is one of the fastest-rising stars in WWE. She debuted on the main roster earlier this year and has managed to become one of the prominent faces of the company's women's division in quick time.

Stratton recently competed in the Queen of the Ring Tournament as well. She picked up a first-round win over Michin. However, she came face-to-face against Bianca Belair in the quarterfinal, and in a hard-fought match the EST of WWE picked up the narrow win.

During a recent interview with Whitty Whittier, Stratton mentioned that she always believed that she could hold her own against top stars like Belair and Becky Lynch. The star was confident of her abilities and said she tried to make the best use of every opportunity she was given.

"You know, other than the hard work and putting in the effort and the time, I truly think that I never once doubted myself and I never once thought I couldn't be wrestling Bianca Belair or [be] in the ring with Becky Lynch. I never thought that that wasn't in my future and I truly think that, you know. That's why I've kinda picked this up so quickly. I am so confident. It's because I knew I would get here eventually and it is happening very quickly. And I just have to keep reminding myself, you know, 'You wouldn't be getting these opportunities if you weren't ready.' And I think my mindset is ultimately what sets me apart from everybody else," said Stratton. [From 2:15 - 3:00]

You can check out her interview in the video below:


Tiffany Stratton is a huge asset for WWE

During a recent discussion on the Wrestling Time Machine podcast, Sportskeeda Wrestling's senior editor and Bill Apter spoke about Tiffany Stratton.

The veteran journalist mentioned that she was possibly the most promising of all the NXT talents who got the main roster call-up. He stated that Tiffany Stratton was a beautiful woman and looked like a professional athlete who was representing the Stamford-based promotion well inside the ring and outside it.

"Out of all the talent called up from NXT and broken into WWE main roster, she [Tiffany Stratton] has become, and it's her looks,... she has become a major force not just in the women's division. People talk about her. She's also doing stuff outside of WWE plugging WWE. She's going on talk shows and things. So, she's a really good-looking, athletic, good-looking person to be out there," Apter said.

Apter detailed that Tiffany Stratton often plugged WWE into her projects outside the company. He felt she could go on to be a major star for the company in the future.

If you use the quotes from this article, please credit Witty Whittier and add an H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcript.

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